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  1. Minimalist and customizable clock screensaver

    Fliqlo is an elegant personalization software developed by an independent web/UI designer, Yuji Adachi. It is a clock screensaver that allows you to turn the...

  2. Great app for free unlimited calls

    ToTok is a communication and messaging app that offers unlimited free calls as long users are connected to the Internet. Making calls with ToTok requires no...

  3. JOOX Music
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    Play Your Favorite Songs, For Free

    There are lots of music streaming applications available today, but not all of them displays the lyrics of the song. So, if you wish to jam with an artist...

  4. Digital Clock and Countdown Ticker - Keep tabs on your time, for free!

    Digital Clock and Countdown Ticker is a great utility that you can use as both a digital clock and countdown timer. The application features a seven segment...

  5. Lightening quick CBR and CBZ comic book reader

    If you're looking for a way to read comics on your Mac, Comical is a free, open source solution that does exactly that.Despite only being only version 0.8...

  6. NeeView

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    Display two images simultaneously

    Computers come with built-in image viewers. However, they only allow you to view one image at a time. If you want to browse your photo directories and view...

  7. Handy Clock

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    Realistic and Flexible Timekeeping Application for Personal Computers

    Handy Clock is a unique timekeeping software application due to the fact that there are six templates to choose from. The graphics are highly realistic and...

  8. The official app for Walmart associates

    Me@Walmart is a free business mobile app that enables you to easily manage your schedule with the popular American retail brand, Walmart. Developed by...

  9. Free and Stylish Animated Desktop Wallpaper

    The Lost Watch 3D Lite is free animated background, developed by 3Planesoft, which will liven up your desktop. Visually, the wallpaper consists of an...

  10. Add world clocks to Firefox

    FoxClocks is an extension for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird which can conveniently add world times to your status bar or alternatively, any any toolbars...

  11. Smartphone application to display Bitcoin exchange rates

    Bitcoin Ticker Widget is a free smartphone application that allows users to actively follow the value of this cryptocurrency against other benchmark assets...

  12. The perfect screensaver for abstract art lovers

    Abstraction Screensaver is described as an awesome collection of abstract images and it really is. It includes a wide selection of totally intricate images...

  13. Make decisions clearer with argument maps

    Wouldn't it be useful to have a visual map of your thoughts, stating clearly what can support your view or what could instead be raised against...

  14. Free Application to Display Real-Time Cryptocurrency Prices

    Coin Tick - Menu Bar Crypto provides users with real-time cryptocurrency price updates via a digital ticker found within the upper menu bar. This bundle is...

  15. Accurately Timed Weather - Display time and weather on your desktop

    Accurately Timed Weather allows you to place multiple clocks on your desktop to keep track of the time in cities around the world. Real time, accurate...

  16. AnyTime

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    Install a number of different clocks into your taskbar

    AnyTime is a tool that allows you to add different clocks into your taskbar. The clocks are based on countries and country times, which is why each comes...

  17. MailFX

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    Graphic notifier for Mail

    Do you like to get a little notification for new mail? If you use Apple Mail then you can find a number of different plugins to notify you in many ways....

  18. Gorgeous digital clock for your iPhone

    If you were thinking of splashing out on a fancy night stand clock for your bedroom then wait - because there's an iPhone app that does the job very...

  19. Emacs

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    Extensible, customizable, self-documenting real-time display editor

    Improved Unicode support Font rendering with Fontconfig and Xft Support for using X displays and text terminals in one session, and for running as a...