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  1. Managing Files in a Quick and Sleek Manner

    FilePane is a sleek file management tool. It offers almost instant access to different tasks such as image resizing, setting the desktop image, converting...

  2. NameFind

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    Quickly find any file

    NOW REQUIRES OS X 10.6 TO RUN. INTEL 32/64 BIT ONLY. Completely different file search algorithm; no longer depends on external Unix tools. Now written as a...

  3. CopyDrop

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    Finder-based backup utility

    With Time Machine, Leopard users don't really need to worry about backups. Owners of older Mac operating systems will still have to fish around for the right...

  4. FinderPop

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    Improve the contextual finder menu

    Before Leopard brought with it all its Finder enhancements, FinderPop was a reference in terms of extended Finder actions. The excellent utility has now been...

  5. Find out what's hogging your hard drive space.

    Primitive File Size Chart will analyze any folder or directory and show you the largest files (or folders) in it. If you are curious about what's eating up...

  6. Check integrity and find changes within files

  7. Trickster

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    A Mac convenience tool for file tracking

    The Trickster Mac app allows you to keep track of the files you have used recently. The idea is that you may find and navigate back to files you have used...