Download File Scanner - Best Software & Apps

  1. Free scanning software for Windows

    Free Scanner Software is an easy-to-use scanning software for Windows devices. Developed by Media Freeware, the software functions by receiving and saving...

  2. Free software to convert images into PDF files

    Image to PDF is a simple and user-friendly method to convert a standard image or photography into a PDF file. This bundle can often be used when documents...

  3. A free and powerful network scanner

    Advanced IP Scanner is a free network scanner that can locate and analyze all computers available on your wireless or wired local network. With its help, you...

  4. A handy Wi-Fi-enabled QR code scanner

    Scan the QR codes with your smartphone and you can transfer the content of the page to your PC instantly! That is because the QR code scanner is compatible...

  5. Managing Hidden Files

    Hidden File Finder is a free Security and Privacy software by SecurityXploded. The software can scan and discover every hidden file encrypted in a computer’s...

  6. Back-up your files with the JioCloud

    Losing one’s data is a tragedy for anyone, and unfortunately, it’s a bit of a common occurrence. The best way to protect yourself from data loss is by having...

  7. A free program for Windows, by Webprovider.

    Wifi Analyzer And Scanner is a free program for Windows, that belongs to the category 'File managers'.

  8. A free program for iPhone, by Tran Anh Linh.

    Document Scanner: Scan File is a free software for iPhone, that makes part of the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  9. A free app for Android, by Lulquid Std.

    Translate All-Translate Voice Text File Scanner is a free software for Android, that belongs to the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  10. A free program for Android, by Text Scanner Technologies.

    Max File Manager: Clean Up Space On Your Phone is a free software for Android, that makes part of the category 'Utilities & Tools'.

  11. A free app for Android, by Tan Pham.

    Translator Photo Scan - Image & File Scanner is a free and very easy-to-use app for scanning and translating your photos and documents. It is a very good...