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  1. Power Widget

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    A Great Virtual Assistant for Your Mac

    Power Widget is your Mac digital assistant that provides you access to everything and anything on your Mac computer in a single click. If you were missing a...

  2. Search ZIP files with Spotlight

    Ziplight can be a godsend if you work often with ZIP files. This little plugin works perfectly with Spotlight, allowing the Mac search function to look...

  3. Vector Icon Box Pro - Well designed icons for you: an icon for every need

    We all use icons on our computers, but are we satisfied with them? While stock options exist, custom icon sets can really add individuality to a CPU. Vector...

  4. Preview any sound file

    It's hard to say if an application like RapidPreview is really that necessary. After all, you can just as much browse for music files and listen to them from...

  5. Tagg

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    Personal file tagging utility

    Have you noticed how information is categorized in certain blogs and websites? Each post, article or review is assigned a series of tags to identify them and...

  6. A free tool to help you find duplicated files

    Find and check duplicate files on your system. Group them together, delete them, or rename them. A great tool for file hoarders.

  7. A great tool to view and edit PDF documents

    PDF Reader is a feature-rich, extremely snappy PDF notetaker and viewer that lets you launch, view and annotate PDF documents. It is designed keeping the...

  8. Trickster

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    A Mac convenience tool for file tracking

    The Trickster Mac app allows you to keep track of the files you have used recently. The idea is that you may find and navigate back to files you have used...

  9. Keep It

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    Create a portable scrapbook with Keep It, for free!

    Keep It is a great way to store those documents and other files that you may need at a later time. The application allows users to add almost any type of...

  10. Archive and search webpages, PDFs, word docs and more

    EagleFiler is a powerful way of managing your data and information. It lets you archive and search mail, web pages, PDF files, word processing documents...

  11. acqlite

    • 3.5
    • (53 votes)

    A free Acquisition clone

    acqlite is a P2P client closely based on popular clients Limewire, Acquisition or Cabos. Just like these clients you'll find it provides a friendly interface...

  12. iSwipe

    • 4.2
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    Multi-protocol search and download tool

    iSwipe aims to be an all encompassing file search and download tool. The application allows you to search for anything from software to music of movies in 12...

  13. LimeWire

    • 3.6
    • (1876 votes)

    The world's fastest Gnutella P2P file-sharing application

    Limewire is no longer available, due to a court-ordered injunction requiring it to cease all operations.LimeWire is one of the most popular peer-to-peer file...