Download Firefox For Windows 7 - Best Software & Apps | 4

  1. Stream your favorite US content with this Firefox add-on

    Media Hint is a Firefox extension which allows you to watch and use media content that may be restricted in your region, typically things that are limited to...

  2. Decrypt and recover passwords stored in Firefox

    With FirePasswordViewer, uncover all the passwords saved in your Firefox browser. Using it is simple: just click Start Recovery and FirePasswordViewer...

  3. Pimpzilla

    • 1.1
    • (4 votes)

    A taste of luxury for Firefox

    You have the car, the cash, the bling and the record contract, but you're still no competition for 50 Cent. What could be missing? PimpZilla, of...

  4. Turbo-charge Firefox search

    CyberSearch is a Firefox add-on that turbo-charges your searches with a combination of keyword sensitive searching and result previews.When we first...

  5. Fotofox

    • 4.4
    • (2 votes)

    Upload your photos from Flickr, Tabblo and 32hq to Firefox

    Hotfix for Flickr upload breakage

  6. Enrich your Firefox browsing

    Juice is a Firefox 3.0 user interface that gives you more information on the things you�re reading in the browser. Like the add-on Ubiquity, Juice aims to...

  7. Preview and organize pages in your Firefox tabs

    FoxTab is an innovative new way to organize your tabs in Firefox in order to view what's on them and what you've got open at a glance.FoxTab is probably best...

  8. Get Alexa rankings and other data in Firefox

    If you own a website you've probably heard about the Alexa ranking, a list of Internet sites based on traffic data which measures the popularity of those...

  9. Leak Monitor

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    Detect memory leaks in Firefox

    Fix binary compatibility with newer alphas of 1.9.3

  10. Home Dash

    • 5
    • (1 vote)

    Flexible, functional full screen browsing for Firefox 4

    Home Dash is an add-on for Firefox 4 that gives you full screen with all the functionality of a normal screen view.Full screen options for browsing are...

  11. Keep up with your emails via Firefox

    Most people have more than one email account these days - at last count, I had more than 7! If you need some help taking care of all of your emails, a...

  12. TwitBin

    • 4.8
    • (1 vote)

    Twitter right from your Firefox browser

    Twitter addicts have found the perfect browser companion in Twitbin. This Firefox extension lets you read and post items from a Firefox sidebar. You can view...

  13. qSnap
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    qSnap is a free screenshot addon that is available for many popular browsers including Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Opera and IE

  14. Add world clocks to Firefox

    FoxClocks is an extension for Firefox, Thunderbird and Sunbird which can conveniently add world times to your status bar or alternatively, any any toolbars...

  15. Capture complete web pages in Firefox

    Screen Capture Elite is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you take screenshots of web pages in several ways, and which has support for the recently launched...

  16. SortPlaces

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    Get your Firefox bookmarks under control

    Do you feel your Firefox bookmarks are getting a little out of control? If you're having problems, download a program like SortPlaces and regain the upper...

  17. Tab Kit

    • 3.6
    • (4 votes)

    Take your Firefox tabs to a new level

    The funny thing about tabs is that once you start to use them, they seem to multiply on your window, and, before you know it, you have twenty sprawling out...

  18. HootBar

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    • (2 votes)

    Tweet directly from the Firefox address bar

    HootBar is a simple Firefox add-on for Twitter that allows you to tweet URLs and more, directly from your Firefox address bar.As an add-on, HootBar’s...

  19. Bring the semantic web to Firefox

    The Evri Toolbar is an addon for your browser that gives you instant searches using, a beta search engine that offers very different kinds of...

  20. Fantastic Firefox Add-on for Tumblr users

    Tumblr Post is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to quickly post to your Tumblr account.Sitting in the status bar, Tumblr Post's icon won't bother you...