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  1. Get Alexa rankings and other data in Firefox

    If you own a website you've probably heard about the Alexa ranking, a list of Internet sites based on traffic data which measures the popularity of those...

  2. Turn off the Facebook Timeline with this extension for Firefox

    Timeline Remove is an extension for Firefox that removes Timeline view on Facebook and restores the classic look.Not everyone's a huge fan of the changes...

  3. Open in IE

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    Open troublesome Firefox links in Internet Explorer

    As pared-down add-ons go, Open in IE is very, very basic. Without multiple functions or configuration settings, it really only does one thing, but if it's...

  4. Capture complete web pages in Firefox

    Screen Capture Elite is a handy Firefox add-on that lets you take screenshots of web pages in several ways, and which has support for the recently launched...

  5. A great, free diagramming add-on for Firefox

    Pencil Project is a Firefox add-on that is free, open-source diagramming tool.These days, design programs can cost a pretty penny. Luckily, there are free...

  6. Protect Your Privacy And Livelihood Right From Your Browser.

    The Malwarebytes Browser Extension for Firefox serves to protect you from a few web-based maladies: tech support phishing sites, for example, that remake...

  7. Keep up with your emails via Firefox

    Most people have more than one email account these days - at last count, I had more than 7! If you need some help taking care of all of your emails, a...

  8. Mario madness for Firefox

    One of the reasons the Firefox fans are so loyal is that the browser is really easy to customize. Now, combine that customization ability with Super Mario...

  9. Turbo-charge Firefox search

    CyberSearch is a Firefox add-on that turbo-charges your searches with a combination of keyword sensitive searching and result previews.When we first...

  10. SortPlaces

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    Get your Firefox bookmarks under control

    Do you feel your Firefox bookmarks are getting a little out of control? If you're having problems, download a program like SortPlaces and regain the upper...

  11. Use Google Maps inside Mozilla Firefox

    Quick Maps is a Mozilla Firefox add-on that lets you search for locations inside the site you are currently browsing.As opposed to manually opening Google...

  12. Sends your Firefox searches into overdrive

    Anything that can prevent the need to do more copying and pasting is fine by me. Hyperwords does exactly that allowing you to search, spell check and...

  13. TwitBin

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    Twitter right from your Firefox browser

    Twitter addicts have found the perfect browser companion in Twitbin. This Firefox extension lets you read and post items from a Firefox sidebar. You can view...

  14. Leak Monitor

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    Detect memory leaks in Firefox

    Fix binary compatibility with newer alphas of 1.9.3

  15. Show all your tabs in a single window

    Tabs are one of the best things to happen to Internet browsing in a long time, but there are now ways to make them even more useful.One of them is the...

  16. Explore the items Firefox has cached

    Your cache can be a treasure trove of items and files that you may have thought were either gone forever or maybe didn't even knew existed.MozillaCacheView...

  17. Home Dash

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    Flexible, functional full screen browsing for Firefox 4

    Home Dash is an add-on for Firefox 4 that gives you full screen with all the functionality of a normal screen view.Full screen options for browsing are...

  18. Tumblr Post

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    Fantastic Firefox Add-on for Tumblr users

    Tumblr Post is an add-on for Firefox that allows you to quickly post to your Tumblr account.Sitting in the status bar, Tumblr Post's icon won't bother you...

  19. Pimpzilla

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    A taste of luxury for Firefox

    You have the car, the cash, the bling and the record contract, but you're still no competition for 50 Cent. What could be missing? PimpZilla, of...

  20. Fotofox

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    Upload your photos from Flickr, Tabblo and 32hq to Firefox

    Hotfix for Flickr upload breakage