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  1. Get addicted to gem matching in Bejeweled

    Bejeweled is the classic among gem-matching puzzle games. Created by PopCap games in 2001 it presented itself in such an appealing form that it launched a...

  2. Gems of War

    • 4.4
    • (38 votes)

    A Free Puzzle and RPG Hybrid

    Gems of War is a free-to-play puzzle RPG, developed by Infinity Plus 2 and published by 505 Games. It is considered a spiritual successor to Puzzle Quest and...

  3. Highly addcitive gem puzzle action

    Anyone that played the original Bejeweled will remember one thing - how addictive it was - and fortunately Bejeweled 2 Deluxe serves up more of the same but...

  4. Jewel Gem: Blast Match 3 Jewel Game

    Jewel Gem: Blast Match 3 Jewel Game is a fun and addictive game for Windows. In this match 3 puzzle game, you need to match gemstones together to clear the...

  5. Search for a mystic gem in House of 1,000 Doors 2

    House of 1,000 Doors 2 is a hidden-object puzzle adventure game that follows up on the story of the original House of 1,000 Doors. Writer and occult...

  6. Gem Shop

    • 2.3
    • (14 votes)

    Build a successful business and have fun in the process

    Gem Shop is a trial version Windows game, being part of the category 'Games' and the subcategory 'Puzzle', and created by Hipsoft.If you like a mixture of...

  7. How did I miss this the first time?

    Pathologic has an odd history. Released in Russia in 2005, it was well regarded by press and players. Just one year later it came to Europe. Here opinion was...

  8. 3D bouncing ball game in ancient Egypt

    Gem Ball: Ancient Legends is a trial version game only available for Windows, that belongs to the category 'Games' and the subcategory 'Arcade', and created...

  9. Match the gems and remove them from the board

  10. Promising Card Game

    Combining a challenging deck-building card game with roguelike elements, Ravenland brings your gaming to the next level. This game deals with the rules of...

  11. Cool Game for Platform Fans

    Gem Hunter is and action based platform game that has been created especially for the virtual reality community. Players are on a quest to save a diminishing...

  12. A free app for Windows, by Wolfstorm.

    Gem Crafting For Ordinator is a free app for Windows, belonging to the category 'Utilities'.

  13. Gem-Matching Game for Personal Computers and Mobile Devices

    Clear the GEMS (Full) is quite similar to classic games such as Bejeweled and Bejeweled 2. The main objective is to match up three or more gems of the same...

  14. gem setter

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Slide and chill with this adorable puzzle game

    gem setter is a free 2D single-player puzzle video game wherein you can play around with sparkling blocks in a unique environment. Developed by 1f1n1ty, this...

  15. Slide the gems to remove them from the coard