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The term ‘hack’ negative connotation ever since the rise of computer technology. However, there are some fun apps that help you mod your games or hack into your operating system to improve its performance. You’ll also find mobile and PC titles where hacking is part of the gameplay and storyline, helping you progress to the conclusion. In terms of action, you’ll see some hack ‘n slash games if you’re not of the stealthy type.
  1. A legendary game

    Choose your hero and build a mighty fortress in Fortress Legends for your Android and iOS mobile device. Take the battle to other players or raid through the...

  2. A free hack and slash game that you may play online

    MU Legend is the second 3D MMORPG to be developed by Webzen and they actually make it offshore of South Korea. It is a follow-up to MU Online, which is the...

  3. Hack n' Slash based combo

    Castlevania: Lords of Shadow is an action game set in a fantasy world where you must defeat hordes of enemies through perfect combo timing.

  4. Hack RUN

    • 2.6
    • (4 votes)

    Retro amateur hacking game

    Hack RUN Free is a free version of the fun hacking game Hack RUN where you have to hack into a mysterious organization to uncover it's secrets.

  5. Hack and slash anime action

    Fate/EXTELLA is a hack and slash anime action game. Fight through hordes of enemies while experiencing a story based on the popular anime and game series.

  6. Combine hack 'n' slash action and MMO depth in Guardians of Ember

    Guardians of Ember is a multiplayer fantasy role-playing game with strong action elements. In it, you play a character from one of four different races and...

  7. It is Left 4 Dead with swords

    With Warhammer: End Times - Vermintide, you complete missions with four other people while working together to survive. Is it possible to complete the...

  8. Cult JRPG HD collection

    .hack//G.U. Last Recode is a special celebratory collection of the original three JRPG .hack games and an all new adventure. Enter The World as Haseo and...

  9. A hack-and-slash RPG with hours and hours of exploration fun

    Created in 2012, Divinity 2: Developer's Cut is a single-player adventure game where you use your magic and fighting power to burn your enemies and complete...

  10. 868-HACK

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    A full version game for iphone

    868-HACK is a full version game for Iphone that belongs to the category Games, and has been developed by Michael Brough. This game is available in English.

  11. Hack RUN

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    • (1 vote)

    Retro amateur hacking game

    Hack RUN ZERO is the prequel to the fun hacking game Hack RUN where you have to hack into a mysterious organization to uncover it's secrets.

  12. Hack-and-slash gladiator style

    Blood & Glory is a hack-and-slash game on Android.The game parallels the gameplay mechanics of Infinity Blade. Players have to slash, dodge, and block...

  13. Hack and slash through the Three Kingdoms

    The age of The Three Kingdoms comes alive with the arcade action of Vanquish: The Oath of Brothers.The story of China’s Three Kingdoms has been retold for...

  14. A VR hack & slash action game

    Conquer puts you in a mythical world where you fight a series of beasts with sharp weapons and weapons endowed with some form of holy power. Your aim is to...

  15. SB Game Tool

    • 4.6
    • (13 votes)

    A Free program for Android‚ by game hack tools

    SB Game Tool is a free Android program, being part of the category Lifestyle and that has been created by game hack tools.

  16. A free business & productivity app for Android, by IGraphic-Designs

    Lucky Hack Noroot Joke is a free Android program, that is part of the category 'Business & Productivity' , and created by IGraphic-Designs.