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  1. PhotoStamper

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    A free tool for stamping your photos with information

    PhotoStamper allows you to put text data into your actual photo rather than into the photo’s meta data. It imprints text information onto your image. It is...

  2. A free program for Android, by DictionaryAndTranslator.

    English To Odia Dictionary Image To Text Convert is a free program for Android, that makes part of the category 'Education & Reference'.

  3. A free app for Android, by DictionaryAndTranslator.

    English To Tamil Dictionary Image To Text is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Education & Reference'.

  4. Convert photos of documents to PDF files

    Cam Scan PDF allows you to take photos of your text with a camera, and then turn that photographic image into a page in a PDF file. Some students use it to...

  5. Free augmented reality software for mobile phones

    AirMeasure is a software package designed for smartphones which enables users to place text and freehand designs into an existing image. A number of...

  6. A scanning program that also recognizes text

    Prizmo 3 - Scanning & OCR allows you to scan most types of file, including screenshots, but its most powerful aspect is its ability to recognize text from...

  7. Extract text from certain images

    Image Text Extractor was built to help people copy written text from images and convert it to written text that can be pasted onto a document. It is very...

  8. A free program for Android, by SoftTex Solutions.

    Image To Text PDF Converter- OCR Scanner is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Business & Productivity'.

  9. Software For Adding Watermarks to Images and Photos

    Watermark Plus is an image editing application, developed by PearlMountain Technology, which allows users to easily add watermarks to their images and...

  10. Elucidate

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    A tool for translating scanned image PDFs into text

    Elucidate takes your scanned-text PDF and turns it into a written-usable text PDF. The output PDF may now be searched through using a simple text searching...

  11. Text to Image

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    A free program for Android, by jhnerd.

    Text To Image is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Photography'.

  12. Powerful, Easy-to-Use Image Editing Application

    PhotoMagic Pro - Photo Editor & Photo Effects App is an image editing application, developed by Softease Tech. It offers the ability to add effects, filters,...

  13. Free Executive Order Editing App

    Donald Draws Executive Doodle is a photo editing app featuring the controversial American president. Create your own version of the executive order meme by...

  14. Intuitive and User-Friendly Image Editor and Converter

    Do you need to modify an existing image or would you like to add a watermark within the contents of multiple photos? If so, this software application is...

  15. Application For Batch Watermarking of Images

    PhotoMarks — Batch Watermark & Resize Photos is an application from Bits&Coffee SRL, which allows users to easily add watermarks to images, or resize them...

  16. Software to Convert Text Documents into a PDF Format

    PDF files represent some of the most common and versatile formats within the digital world. It is now easy to convert an existing document into a PDF file...

  17. Add a splash of color to your Facebook profile

    If you're getting seriously tired of the way Facebook looks, then My theme for Facebook™ for Mozilla Firefox will give you the tools you need to customize...

  18. Stamp And Number Pro - Add stamps to any document!

    Stamp And Number Pro allows you to add stamps and page numbers to any document with very little fuss. The application allows users to add both text and image...

  19. A tool that converts image files into text files quickly

    PDF & Image Text Extractor is a tool that helps you save your PDF files, digital images, scanned PDF documents, etc. as .txt files. In other words, you would...

  20. Managing Files in a Quick and Sleek Manner

    FilePane is a sleek file management tool. It offers almost instant access to different tasks such as image resizing, setting the desktop image, converting...