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  1. Competitive Mode for the Indie Game

    Shovel Knight Showdown is an action game by Yacht Club Games. The action game features a competitive variation of the known indie game title Shovel Knight....

  2. Beautifully simple isometric puzzle game

    Monument Valley 2 is the second in the series of isometric indie puzzle games. Players are tasked with solving more perception-bending puzzles with the help...

  3. A full version program for Android, by Kalypso Media Mobile GmbH.

    Empire TV Tycoon is a full version software for Android, belonging to the category 'Simulation'.

  4. Retro inspired indie dungeon crawler

    Delver is an indie rouge-like dungeon crawler. Jump into an endless RPG experience with retro-styled blocky graphics.

  5. Free webcomic-based dating sim

    WORST DATING SIM is a free indie dating sim. Explore love and violence on the streets of Tokyo with a series of conversations choices.

  6. Enjoy one of the scariest indie games - Five Nights at Freddy's

    Enjoy one of the scariest indie games - Five Nights at Freddy's, developed by Scott Cawthon. You'll control Mike Schmidt, a security guard who starts his new...

  7. Experience surrealism with NSFW in this free indie game

    The Good Time Garden is a free short indie adventure video game that lets you explore a strange throbbing world full of pink naked creatures. Developed by...

  8. Free indie crafting and building game

    Realm of Rulers is a free indie medieval building game. Collect resources, construct buildings, instruct villagers and explore the land in this early access...

  9. Save your flower shop in this free indie game

    War of Roses is a free simulation video game wherein you get to romance your way with the power of flowers. Developed by owl., this visual novel indie game...

  10. Charming indie puzzle adventure

    Candle is an indie puzzle game with a distinct overall style. Guide the young Teku through a series of trials in order to rescue his tribe's shaman from evil...

  11. A full version game for Windows‚ by The Foundry

    MODO indie 10.0 is a full version Windows program, belonging to the category Games and has been created by The Foundry.

  12. ASKE

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    Take down demons in this indie FPS game

    ASKE is a free action first-person shooter video game wherein you can relive the classic ‘90s shooting games that inspired many others. Developed by Tomás...

  13. A curious and fun game based on Quake 3: Arena

    World of Padman is a great, free Windows game, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Platform.

  14. Sci-fi indie 2D scroller

    miniLAW: Ministry of Law is a sci-fi dystopian side scroller. Take on the role of a cybernetic police officer as he fights against hordes of criminals in...

  15. A nostalgic indie murder mystery game

    Loco Motive is a free 2D pixelated adventure video game wherein you have to solve a crime on a train like in the Murder on the Orient Express novel....

  16. Free indie alphabet puzzle game

    factori is a puzzle video game wherein you must look at letters in a different way. Developed by Star Garden Games, this indie game is an adorable 2D puzzle...

  17. A free indie game about making friends

    Mimi and animals is a free adventure video game wherein you go around recruiting the help of several animal friends. Developed by Hidebu, this adorable 2D...

  18. Let boys be boys in this free indie game

    Hard Lads is a short and free simulation video game wherein you get to see shirtless boys do silly stuff. Developed by Robert Yang, this so-called...

  19. Eden

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    Enter the surreal world in this free indie horror game

    Eden is a free first-person horror adventure video game that will take you to a surreal dreamscape journey far different from the usual horror clichés....

  20. An indie horror game full of scary darkness

    Our Own Light is an indie horror game that has been created by a very small team of developers, and many of them are unable to spell or use correct grammar....