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  1. Smash Hit!

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    Shatter glass in this exquisite 3D physics game

    There are days when you just want to smash stuff up. Unfortunately, breaking real sheets of glass is both expensive and dangerous. Step forward Smash Hit!, a...

  2. Mesmerizing physics-based iPad game

    Osmos is an excellent iPad game, which transports you to a spectacular looking and sounding ambient world.Unlike your average thrill-a-minute iPad arcade...

  3. Sprinkle

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    Most amazing water physics ever

    Sprinkle is quite the different type of puzzle game for iOS. Players are required to put out fires using a huge water cannon. While that describes Sprinkle...

  4. Pet-based puzzles

    Cat Physics is a puzzle game where you have to get a ball from one cat to another, using whatever tools you are given in each level.Each level in Cat Physics...

  5. God of Light

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    Sparkling physics-based puzzle game

    God of Light is a beautiful and relaxing physics game in which you must light up the Universe using your powers of logic.

  6. Hit the showers in this epic physics-based puzzle game

    Where's My Water? is a highly enjoyable water-based physics puzzle game that will have you gripped to your phone for hours.

  7. Go on a killing spree - while learning physics!

    Bounce Bullet is a fun shooting game in which you must take out as many people as you can - with one bullet! It's essentially a remake of the classic browser...

  8. Water physics for kids

    Sprinkle Junior is a re-imagining of the original Sprinkle game geared toward younger players.As opposed to the critical physics puzzles of the original...

  9. A tricky free physics puzzle game

    Bubble Ball is a physics puzzler, where you have to set up a screen so once gravity is applied a ball will reach the goal.Created by a 14 year-old developer,...

  10. Physics Balls

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    A free game for iphone

    Physics Balls is a free game for Iphone that belongs to the category Games, and has been developed by G vector. This game is available in Russian, French...