Download Light Effects - Best Software & Apps

  1. Enhance photos the easy way!

    Photo! Editor is a useful multifunctional program, providing you with a wide range of image editing tools. This photo editor download comes with a wide range...

  2. An excellent and free pinball game for Windows

    Pinball Arcade brings a fast-paced pinball simulation to your PC. In this free game, you've got to keep the ball in play on the Medieval Madness pinball table.

  3. f.lux

    • 3.7
    • (28 votes)

    Sleep Better With This Useful Tool

    f.lux is a piece of software for Mac OS X, Windows, Linux and Android operating systems that allows users to control the amount of blue light their computer...

  4. PhoXo

    • 3.9
    • (189 votes)

    Free, simple photo editor with powerful features

    PhoXo is a simple yet powerful image editor that's tiny and quick like Microsoft Paint, but which includes support for layers and a bunch of special photo...

  5. Basic photo editing for casual users

    Most users don't need a massive graphic suite like Photoshop to work on their images. A smaller, more simple solution like Splashup Light will do the...

  6. Cool Game for Adventure Fans

    Runaway: A Road Adventure is a puzzle adventure game that comes complete with a cast of more than thirty detailed and diverse characters. Gamers play the...

  7. Free photo lighting effects software

    We've all taken photographs that we would be really happy with if only they had a bit more life to them. Sometimes the weather just won't play ball so when...

  8. A futuristic battle-strategy game that is an acquired taste

    Earth 2160 is a truly brilliant game that has many original features and functions, but that fact is not immediately obvious from its publicity screenshots...

  9. A free program for Android, by Perfect App Solutions.

    Bokeh Lens Light Effects : Insta Photo Editor is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Photography'.

  10. A high quality and fun freeware platformer

    Of Light and Shadow is a free 2.5D platform game where you play Mr. Light and Dr. Shadow. Each has their own strengths and weaknesses, and you have to switch...

  11. Image visualiser supporting over 70 formats

    CDH Image Explorer supports an amazing 70 different image formats meaning in terms of versatility and flexibility, it's hard to beat. If only the...

  12. A free puzzle game featuring birds and removable blocks

    Birds'n'Blocks 2 has you drop birds onto a small platform. You have to get your birds on their platforms by removing blocks from under the birds so that...

  13. Simple graphical editor with special effects tools

    Fedit Image Editor is an image processing tool which appears simple at first but contains a wealth of editing tools. These include advanced image filtering...

  14. Face the grim world filled with alien-machine enemies

    The Light Keeps Us Safe is a thrilling action-adventure game developed by Big Robot Ltd. In this exploration game, you’ll take the courage to go out and face...

  15. X-MasTree

    • 4.3
    • (6 votes)

    A Christmas tree for your Mac

    'Tis the season to put up the tree on your Mac and celebrate Christmas! X-MasTree is probably one of the nicest Christmas decorations for Mac I've found.Not...