Download Mouse Recorder - Best Software & Apps

  1. Record key presses, mouse movements and clicks

    Macro Recorder is a good, trial version Windows software, that belongs to the category Software utilities with subcategory Automation.

  2. Free application to record the movements of a mouse controller

    Mouse Recorder Pro is a unique PC-based application that allows users to record the motions of their mouse icon upon a screen. This can be a great option for...

  3. Record and reproduce mouse and keyboard actions

    Computers are great and all that, but some tasks can get a bit boring if you have to do them every day. That's why it makes sense to install a macro recorder...

  4. Record mouse and keyboard actions

    nMacro Recorder is a good, free program only available for Windows, belonging to the category Software utilities with subcategory Automation.

  5. An App That Lets You Record Keyboard and Mouse Movements

    Axife Mouse Recorder is an app that lets you record and replay different mouse and keyboard actions. The action wizard editor offers dedicated buttons to...

  6. Record keyboard and mouse clicks

    Keyboard And Mouse Recorder, just as the name suggests, allows you to record movements and actions with both your mouse and your keyboard. The application is...

  7. Record screen activities, audio and mouse cursor movements to AVI or WMV

    Taking video shots of your desktop is essential for those that are building tutorials or trying to help others in using a program. The problem is that...