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  1. MuteMyMic

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    Free and Intuitive Application to Mute the Output of a Microphone

    MuteMyMic provides users with a quick and intuitive method to mute the volume of their built-in microphone. Keyboard shortcuts as well as direct access from...

  2. Intuitive image-sorting program for multiple operating systems

    Duplicate Photos Fixer is an excellent tool for those who are photography enthusiasts as well as for anyone who has been looking to free up occupied space...

  3. Great free operating system that's similar to Arch

    Based on the operating system known as Arch, Manjaro is a user-friendly distribution by Linux.

  4. Customize and minimize your operating system

    WinReducer EX-100 is a piece of software that allows you to customize and personalize your own version of Windows. Like its name suggests, WinReducer EX-100...

  5. A free tool for removing bloatware

    Android Mate is actually supposed to be a program for installing and launching programs, and it is supposed to be a file explorer. However, most modern...

  6. A free program for Android, by Engineering Hub.

    Operating System Concepts OS is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Education & Reference'.

  7. MyFolders

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    A free time-saving folders function for Windows operating system

    MyFolders is a free tool. It is like a Windows operating system extension as it extends the use of the right-click menu on the desktop. It adds an option...

  8. Trump Filter

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    Effective Filter to Remove Donald Trump Results from internet Searches

    Trump Filter is a perfect application for those who are tired of being bombarded with news articles and related information. This desktop application will...

  9. Free event notification system for mobile phone users

    Beacon is a handy method to notify friends and colleagues of an upcoming event or group meeting. It essentially functions as an automated alert system....

  10. Sea Live Wallpaper - The Best Application For Smartphones With Android Operating System

    Sea Live Wallpaper is the best application for smartphones with the Android operating system that provides you with the most beautiful beach and ocean live...

  11. Downloadable Software to Display the Information of an Operating System

    There can be many times when we need to quickly see information regarding an operating system. Perhaps we must determine the size of a hard drive or we need...

  12. Three-Dimensional Virtual Reality Poker Game

    The world of virtual reality has taken the poker world by storm. Landowner is a VR game designed with the needs of the poker fan in mind. As the layout is...