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  1. Build and maintain your own prison in this unique strategy game

    Have you ever dreamt of managing your very own maximum security prison? It may not seem an obvious choice for the genre but Prison Architect takes this...

  2. Free Game for Simulation Fans

    Sort the Court is a simple simulation game where players are charged with taking on the role of a king and making decisions that will affect the lives of the...

  3. momosdiary

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    • (1 vote)

    Follow the life of a cute doll

    In momosdiary, you take the role of a confidant going through the diary of the titular Momo, a pretty doll with issues of her own. This free-to-play...

  4. D*SCO(ep)

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    A free mixed-media experience

    D*SCO(ep) is a free simulation game from wondermagenta. In this multimedia experience, you get to experience a unique concept album that basically gives you...

  5. An interactive museum game

    The Zium Gallery is a free simulation game that was created by The Zium Society for desktop devices. It serves as a showcase for various artworks and...

  6. Walk the path of a lonely huntress

    Historia - Chapter 2 is a free simulation video game wherein an ancient evil awakens in a small sleepy town and a heroine must step up to obstruct it....

  7. A clicker game about spending money

    Billionaire’s Dilemma is a free game released under a “name your own price” model. It closely matches the clicker game genre, where the player has to run...

  8. A procedurally generated exploration game

    “Everything” is a game where you are encouraged to explore the universe, but there are no goals, tasks or scores. There is no point to exploring, you do it...

  9. Life is a journey, enjoy the trip

    Cars: The Video Game is a handy, trial version Mac game, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Arcade and has been published by Carsvideogame.

  10. Astra's Garden

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    An idle game about growing plants

    Astra’s Garden is a free game released on a “name your own price” model, meaning players can choose to support the developer if they wish. It is an idle game...

  11. Rebuild your chocolate empire

    Chocolatier 2 is much more than just a game about making sweets. Following up on the success of the first iteration of Chocolatier, this game lets you build...

  12. Control a Virtual RC Plane in RC-AirSim - RC Model Airplane Flight Simulator

    RC-AirSim - RC Model Airplane Flight Simulator is a game that puts you in control of a virtual RC aeroplane. With flight dynamics based on the control and...

  13. F1 2012

    • 3.3
    • (45 votes)

    Superb Formula 1 sim for Mac

    For the first time, Mac users can experience a truly realistic Formula 1 game with F1 2012 for Mac. F1 2012 is by far the most accurate Formula 1 simulator...

  14. I Am Bread

    • 3.6
    • (41 votes)

    Don't just eat bread, be bread

    I Am Bread is from the makers of Surgeon Simulator and believe it or not, you are a slice of bread. Sounds stupid? It is and unlike Surgeon Simulator, it's...

  15. Airport Tycoon Game in the Style of SimCity

    SimAirport is an airport management simulation game, in the style of SimCity or RollerCoaster Tycoon. Players design, build and manage their own airport...

  16. Educational but boring farming game

    Farming Simulator 2013 for Mac is an accurate but rather boring game where you have to run a profitable farm. Farming Simulator 2013 was first released on...

  17. F1 2013

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    • (71 votes)

    The best F1 simulator for Mac

    F1 2013 is the best Formula 1 simulator for Mac. F1 2013 for Mac is highly realistic, with excellent graphics and an outstanding playability. In this 2013...

  18. The wildest race game since man invented the wheel

    Cro-Mag Rally is a good, trial version game only available for Mac, that is part of the category PC games with subcategory Simulation.

  19. A flight simulation game that looks quite real

    Extreme Landings Pro is a flight simulation game that would put your piloting skills to the test. You would be put through the most critical flying...

  20. Start From Nothing. Build Your Way Up. Found A Multinational.

    Capitalism 2 is a business simulator in which you start a business specializing or expanding into more than 60 possible products and growing from its...