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  1. Seamless Browsing Across Platforms

    Maxthon MX5 Cloud Browser is a web browser developed by Maxthon. The browser highlights its main features of faster browsing while securing personal...

  2. Simple and sleek

    Safari is a web browser that is known for its simplistic and minimalistic interface. Users of Safari can enjoy fast and uninterrupted internet browsing...

  3. Midori

    • 3.9
    • (144 votes)

    Fast, light web browser based on WebKit

    Besides the web browsing big shots like Internet Explorer and Firefox, there are other minor, more experimental web browsers you can try out, like...

  4. Lunascape

    • 3.5
    • (183 votes)

    Hybrid web browser with support for three rendering engines

    Lunascape is an original web browser that supports three different web engines – a great tool for web designers who need to check their work on different web...

  5. Super-charged web browser

    Most people use popular web browsers like Internet Explorer, Firefox or Opera, but you should know there are other 'minority' alternatives, such as...

  6. Sunrise

    • 3.6
    • (11 votes)

    Open source developer browser based on WebKit

    The WebKit engine drives both Safari and Google Chrome and there have been many spin-off browsers attempting to harness its super fast rendering.Sunrise is...

  7. Simple navigator suitable for secure surfing on public networks

    Surfing on a public networks can compromise your security which is why WKiosk Browser was invented.WKiosk Browser is a simple web browser designed to surf...

  8. Learn Vietnamese With VNI Key

    VNI key is a library for those who prefer to type Vietnamese with the English keyboard. VNI key can handle both standard and extended keyboard.You should...