Celebrating 25 years since the very first webpage

Celebrating 25 years since the very first webpage

Yesterday marked the 25th anniversary of the first webpage EVER! Although it was no technical wonder, lacking colors, design and images, it was based on the same concept containing text and links to information that we still use today.

The webpage was launched by Tim Berners-Lee on December 20th, 1990, in the CERN, although was not put online until the summer of 1991. The webpage explained the development of the WWW (World Wide Web), providing information and links. In fact, it’s still online and can be viewed here.

Berners-Lee and his team also developed what would have been one of the first web browsers ever, in order for them to view their webpage.

Although the CERN is better known today in the field of physics, it played a key role in the development of what we now know as the Internet in the 90s.

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