5 tips for Paris Hilton

5 tips for Paris Hilton

paris hiltonSince everyone says top blonde socialite Paris Hilton is the ultimate IT girl, we at InsideTonic thought we’d lend her a few software tips whilst she serves her drink-driving jail sentence behind bars. Our thoughts go out to Paris at this time – it must be very hard living without an internet connection.

1. eMule – Perhaps Paris should familiarize herself with this P2P network – it has, after all, been instrumental in her achieving much of her fame.

2. Paris Hilton Wallpaper – Just to remind her how her number one fan looks.

3. Paris Chase – No danger of being arrested by police here as you race against the clock – this is definitely a non-pornographic way to spend one night in Paris.

4. Power Video Karaoke – Paris’s singing career never really took off with ‘Stars Are Blind‘ (some said the title should be changed to ‘Paris Is Deaf’) but with this program, she can work on her next release – from prison.

5. Billionaire II – Build a fortune in Billionaire City – maybe the only place big enough for Paris’s wallet although maybe she should leave the business acumen to Daddy.

UPDATE: Yes, we’ve just heard that Paris is out and about, downloading software with impunity. We can only imagine that she heard about the list we made for her and felt that she had to give these downloads a go.

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