Apple’s iPhone 15: The Next Step in Smartphone Evolution with Revolutionary Gesture Control Technology!

Rumors indicate that the iPhone 15 Pro will no longer have physical buttons for volume control

Apple’s iPhone 15: The Next Step in Smartphone Evolution with Revolutionary Gesture Control Technology!
María López

María López

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The leaks continue. We know more and more about the final design that will have the iPhone 15 Pro and everything seems to confirm what was already rumored at first. In addition to being made with a titanium frame, the new iPhone 15 will incorporate haptic buttons.


Will it be the end of physical buttons?

The absence of physical buttons seems to be one of the main features of the new iPhone to come. To replace them, we will have a pressure-sensitive surface that will emit small vibrations when we give it force with our fingers.

However, this is not a new technology for iPhones either. Without going any further, the iPhone SE uses a haptic sensor to simulate pressure on the Home button. In this case, we are likely to see this new sensor but in the volume control of the iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max.

There has also been speculation that Apple may eliminate the classic side mute switch, a feature that has been present on all bitten apple handsets since the iPhone 3G. In its place, we could have another haptic switch, just as would happen with the volume control.

ZONEOfTech, a well-known tech YouTuber, wrote on Twitter that the iPhone 15 Pro will feature a large button that unifies the volume controls. what is his basis for confirming this? He says that when designing a concept prototype of the iPhone 15 Pro, he saw that Apple used two pins in a single indentation where the volume buttons are located. Instead, the renders based on the iPhone 15 CAD project show two slots separated by four pins in total.

On the other hand, ZONEOfTech also claims the same with the mute switch. This would change to a “regular push button, instead of the up and down switch we have now.”

OLED displays for future iPhone SE

The iPhone 15s won’t be the only ones to receive new features and now, it seems that Apple also wants to go a step further with the iPhone SE. According to MacRumors, BOE will supply the future OLED screens that will carry the next generation of iPhone SE. Although there were doubts about its continuation, the cheapest model of the iPhone will finally switch to OLED and will also debut a new design similar to the current iPhone 14.

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