iPhone 15 new leak point to a more efficient Screen in terms of Battery

The battery of the iPhone 15 will be a major leap forward compared to its previous generations

iPhone 15 new leak point to a more efficient Screen in terms of Battery
María López

María López

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You may think that one of the most important features of a smartphone should be the processor. A fast terminal is something that many of us ask for in order to be able to perform all kinds of tasks without suffering any kind of “lag” or delay. However, there is one specific component that has been gaining more and more popularity and importance: the screen.


Smartphones have become small multimedia centers that we carry everywhere and one of the essential parts for this is the screen. Nowadays, having a bright, quality and efficient panel is becoming a priority for many manufacturers. And this is just what is happening with Apple: according to a report by Economic Daily News, the part that will control the future OLED screen of the iPhone will consume less energy.

The truth is that the screen is one of the most battery-consuming elements of a cell phone. In the end, we all want our iPhone to last until the end of the day without problems. This was one of the great joys brought by the iPhone 11, which managed to greatly increase its autonomy compared to previous generations.

While the iPhone 12 didn’t improve it too much (the iPhone 12 mini suffered the most here), the iPhone 13 made another small leap in terms of battery. However, the Economic Daily News report comes on the heels of word in December that there could be big battery improvements thanks to the new processor (likely called the A17 Bionic).

The improvement would be possible thanks to the change in chip manufacturing, which would make the leap to the improved 3 nm process. As a result, it would be much more efficient, although it is up to Apple to use this advantage to increase battery life or go for an even higher performance if possible.

More and more leaks: iPhone 15 is an open secret

The leaks around the iPhone 15 do not stop. One of the latest rumors indicate that we have a change in the update system, which will affect especially those who want to access the developer betas. However, there are still many months to go before the launch of the future iPhone 15 and its history is still to be written.

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