Casetify defends itself against accusations of plagiarism by DBrand

Casetify takes a step to defend its honor

Casetify defends itself against accusations of plagiarism by DBrand
Daniel García

Daniel García

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The Casetify brand, after the scandal that has aroused being accused by DBrand of plagiarizing many of its designs, has decided to defend itself publicly, stating that the company has always prioritized originality above all else, and that at no time were inspired by DBrand designs to create their cell phone cases.

This is a case that was generating a stir in social networks since the beginning of this 2023, as Twitter users were starting to show certain Casetify phone case designs that were clearly inspired by those already existing in DBrand. As a result, the company has already started the legal process and has filed the complaint to Casetify.

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Complaint for plagiarism

DBrand, faced with the alleged plagiarism it believes Casetify was perpetrating on its designs, has decided to take legal action and has sued the large company in order to receive compensation based on the legitimate revenue it stopped generating due to Casetify’s alleged unfair competition.

Casetify, for its part, has already defended itself on social networks by issuing a statement in which they deny all the accusations that have been made in recent hours. In addition, they also claim to have recently suffered a DDOS attack that has made it difficult for them to manage the crisis quickly, something that DBrand has criticized, ironizing that they have taken so long to give a response that, moreover, did not convince him.

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Jerryrigeverything, tech influencer and owner of DBrand

Competitors and their mischievousness

This is something that happens over and over again in every industry. Companies come up with an idea, execute it, start selling it, and other companies come along behind to sell the same product. For that reason, copyright protects the person who came up with the idea in the first place and, if the competitor accused of plagiarism is not able to show relevant differences between its product and the one marketed by its rival, it may end up with a judgment against it.

We will have to see how far this legal battle between DBrand and Casetify goes, since the complaint has just been filed and these processes can drag on for a long time. If DBrand is able to prove the plagiarism without Casetify’s willingness to settle, it could receive a hefty compensation, but the legal proceedings are long and full of edges that both brands will have to deal with from now on.

Daniel García

Daniel García

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