Coming soon: Avoid traffic with Google Maps Navigation

One of the most frustrating parts of most peoples’ daily commutes is running into traffic jams. Sometimes your tried and true route works fine. Other days there’s an inexplicable bottleneck with no accident in sight. Maybe it’s an unavoidable part of working life. Google doesn’t think so however.

Today, Google announced that you can now automatically be routed around traffic while driving with the beta version of the Google Maps Navigation app for Android users. Google Maps for Android is already an incredibly popular app to help you find where you want to go. In fact, Google estimates approximately 35 million miles are driven by Navigation users daily. What it adds up to is quite a bit of time saved overall by missing all the roughest traffic jams.

Google Maps Navigation routes users around traffic and uses real-time traffic conditions to do so. It does this by applying knowledge of current traffic on the roads, as well as employing information about routes that historically have had heavy traffic at specific times of the day. The end result has the potential to save you time and fuel. Google Maps Navigation is currently available for Android users in North America and Europe, with expectations to extend to other locations in the future.

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