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How to write in different fonts on social media

How to write in different fonts on social media
Mike Braun

Mike Braun

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Did you know that you can write on Facebook, Twitter or YouTube using different fonts? All it takes is a simple trick!

Facebook font

When you write on Facebook and Twitter, there is only the default font. The text always looks really boring.

However, writing in another font is possible. To make things better, you don’t need to be a computer whiz to figure it out! Just look at what you can get!

Text converter

Do you want to use these fonts too? Then follow the steps:

How to write in different fonts on social media

1. Go to Unicode Text Converter

Yeah, we’re sure there might be other methods for changing the font, but why not just go with the easiest?

2. Write the text you want to convert

When you’re ready, take the text you want to post on social media, and throw it into the provided space. When you’re done, hit “Show,” and the text will be shown in the newly available fonts.

Text converter

3. Copy the transformed text

Unicode sample text

Once you find your favorite font, copy it.

4. Paste the text and publish

New font in Facebook

Now you just have to go to Facebook, Twitter or any other web page and paste the text. One click on the publish button and … magic!

You can also use BabelPad

BabelPad is a free alternative to Windows Notepad that has support for the characters you just saw. These characters are not available from the Character Map; that’s why BabelPad can be very useful.

BabelPad Download now ►

To access special characters, go to Input> Unicode and then go to Tools> Unicode Character Map. Your list of choices is massive.

With BabelPad you can access hidden Unicode blocks

It is much easier to use the online converter, but it might not last forever. To be fair, Facebook and Twitter might wise up and stop users from using the site. BabelPad will always be there to help you express yourself with different fonts and symbols.

Mike Braun

Mike Braun

Mike Braun is a technology editor for Softonic. He spent his childhood being frustrated by Battletoads, then moved on to being frustrated by that lava level in Aladdin for Sega Genesis. A graduate of Florida State University, he now lives in Portland where he's working on a science fiction novel series and drinking too much coffee.

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