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Protect your images and docs with Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures

Protect your images and docs with Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures
Priyanka Monteiro

Priyanka Monteiro

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Gallery Vault is a new app that allows users to hide pictures and videos. This can be done so that only you can see these videos and pictures. These pictures are called Vaulted Pictures and disappear when you don’t want others to see them.

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With a few clicks, you can secure your photos and videos from the most determined family members, hide files in multiple folders, and much more. But don’t take our word for it – see for yourself how Gallery Vault does everything you need to protect your personal data and give yourself peace of mind.

How to use Gallery Vault – Hide Pictures

  1. Hiding and Encrypting Photos and Videos

    How to Use GalleryV ault - Hide Pictures

    Gallery Vault allows you to hide and encrypt your photos and videos. It’s a great way to protect your privacy, especially if you have anything sensitive in your photos or videos. The app has a simple interface that makes it easy to use and navigate through. You can choose what kind of content to hide from your phone and how long it should be hidden.

  2. Hide the Gallery Vault Icon

    How to Use GalleryVault - Hide Pictures

    Once the icon is hidden, you can launch the app using several methods. One is you could use your dialer. Set a pin when hiding the app, and then dial the pin from your dialer. This will launch the app. You can also launch it using your browser. Go to the Gallery Vault URL and hit enter. Your app will launch.

  3. Creating Folders

    How to Use Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures

    Gallery Vault does not just allow you to save your personal files. You can even create folders and ensure no file is ever lost. Every smartphone today has at least 50-60 GB worth of personal data. It can be difficult to sort these files based on priority and needs. Gallery Vault allows you to do so with ease and keeps these files sorted even when you unhide them.

  4. Store Private Videos and Images

    How to Use Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures

    If you’ve been using Gallery Vault for a while, you know that the app is about keeping your private videos and images safe. The app has made it easier than ever to store videos and images in the Gallery Vault – a place where you can securely store personal videos and images without fear of them being accidentally shared with the world.

    With the new Gallery Vault, you’ll no longer need to keep a separate folder on your phone to store personal content. You can now use the Vault’s storage to hide any video or images and even make it so that only certain people can access those files.

User-friendly interface

Gallery Vault is a powerful app with a fantastic interface. You no longer have to fumble around with the app for long. The steps to hide your images and videos are straightforward. You can even set up a fake and real pin for the app.

The fake pin is when you are using the app, and someone asks you to open the app to show what’s being hidden. When you enter the fake pin, the person can only see the images and video you have pre-selected when setting up the pin. This way, your hidden images and videos stay safe from prying eyes. When you enter the real pin, you can access all your hidden files.

How to Use Gallery Vault - Hide Pictures

Benefits of using Gallery Vault

Gallery Vault is a free tool that allows you to hide selected gallery content on your device. The app is easy to use and can be used by anyone with a smartphone or tablet.

The benefits of using Gallery Vault are many:

  • Hiding galleries prevents other users from seeing them unless they specifically request access to them. It also prevents them from going through your phone when you aren’t around.
  • You can quickly restore hidden galleries anytime by going into the app’s settings. This allows others to see all the images and videos you’ve hidden.
  • For anyone to see the hidden items in Gallery Vault, they will need a pin. If you’ve hidden the icon, they must unhide it using one of the acceptable methods. 
  • Gallery Vault can also be used to protect your private files and notes, so your private information is not compromised

Remember to always follow our 6 easy tips for staying safe online.

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