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How to make themed movies using Google Photos

It goes without saying, Google has one of the coolest photo services on the internet. It’s not just about uploading snapshots for safekeeping. Its wide variety of features make it an essential “one-stop shop” for photographers.

One of the options we love is the ability to make short movie clips. If you want to create one, this post is for you.


How to make themed movies using Google Photos

Making a movie using Google Photo images is very easy. Just go to the site and click on the icon with three stripes that appears on the top. That opens the menu. Among the available options, select the third from the top: “Assistant.” Click it.

The next screen that should come up will show different features on Google Photos. “Album” is good for creating image galleries; “Shared album” is the same thing, but with the possibility of sharing photos with other accounts; “Collage” is for making a mix of all the photos we like; “Animation” is for designing a transition; and “Movie” is for making a movie clip. That’s what we’re interested in. Click there to access this new section.

From here, Google Photos raids all the images uploaded to a virtual folder (not the local folder, be careful with this). This may be disappointing at first, since instead of creating a movie from scratch – which is typically recommended – the search engine designs a video using certain parameters: movies for children growing up; others for cats and dogs; others for photos of people smiling; others for selfies; and so on.

Once you’ve decided what you want, click on the category and Google will complete the process automatically. Easy, right? We should note that you may have problems when creating the video if Google doesn’t detect enough images or photos. Sometimes, the algorithm just fails. In our tests, we’ve verified that unless there are enough selfies to make a movie, Google Photos will give an error and say that more are needed.

Now start creating your masterpiece!

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