How to: recover deleted files with Recuva

Deleting files by mistake is one of the most stupid things you can do with a computer. Actually, it may be the most stupid one. Because Windows always asks for confirmation, because you have time to check and double check before clicking “Yes”, because you still have the Recycle Bin to use as last resource… but we’re human, and most of us end up deleting files by accident at some point in our lives. This is why it’s great to have a program like Recuva.

Recover deleted files with Recuva

Recuva helps you recover accidentally deleted files, whether they are photos from your last holiday trip or an important essay due next week for your Literature course. It’s a completely free app, created by the same guys who developed CCleaner, that scans your hard drive in search of lost files – because, in case you didn’t know, deleted files are not actually deleted; they’re simply “marked as deleted”. This means that if you have the right tool – and believe me, Recuva is simply brilliant – chances are you’ll be able to recover those files.

Recuva has two ways to recover files: one is a step-by-step wizard that guides you through the recovery process, and the other one is the so called Advanced mode. The Recuva wizard asks you a couple of questions about your deleted files (what kind of files they were, and where they were stored) and then searches the drive for them.

Recover deleted files with Recuva

The Advanced mode is intended for the more tech-savvy. You select the drive to scan and the file type, and let Recuva do its job. All recovered files are displayed in a list, with three tabs where you can preview them, see extended information about them and check the file’s header, respectively.

Recover deleted files with Recuva

In both modes, recovering the files is simply a question of checking the little boxes beside their name and then clicking the Recover button. And please, for next time, triple check before deleting anything!

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