League of Legends – dangerously good multiplayer

League of Legends – dangerously good multiplayer

Take elements of role playing, action games like Diablo and tower defense games, mix them together and you’ll get something like League Of Legends, the free to play online multiplayer game from Riot Games.

All you have to do is sign up, download the client and off you go. There’s a great tutorial, and joining online games is really easy. There are two teams of 5 players, and you battle to control the map you’re playing. Choose a caste of Champion, to join your team’s minions and destroy the opposing team’s defense turrets while battling their Champions. It’s fast paced and exciting.

For a free game, League of Legends is awesome. It’s really deep, and rewards extensive play. Also, as a new player you don’t feel completely lost against more advance players – tactics and playing style are really important whatever your level. What League of Legends is not is a casual game. It’s ideally played when you have a few hours, not minutes, so it’s quite an investment! Once you’re in a game, leaving will mean both that you lose any experience you gained in that battle, and also that you may doom your team to losing over all!

For any fans of fantasy and  strategy, League of Legends is a no-brainer – just remember you still have to eat!

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