The Most Popular Mobile Games Downloads Of 2022

The Most Popular Mobile Games Downloads Of 2022
Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

Mobile games have grown in popularity over the past decade. Gone are the days of playing counter-strike for hours on their desktop; gamers now have a wide range of gaming options in their palms.

Here’s a look at the most popular mobile game downloads of 2022.


Downloads: 1837898

Although not a game, TapTap is your one-stop shop for all things gaming. You can check out the various genres available and see what the battlefield veterans are up to. Share the games you love with your loved ones and provide feedback directly to developers if you feel certain games need improvements. TapTap is made for gamers to enhance their experience.

TapTap 2022 Mobile Games

PUBG Mobile

Downloads: 357974

There’s not a soul that hasn’t heard about PUBG. This first-person shooter game captured everyone’s attention ever since its release in 2018. The developers have worked hard on this game and made it as realistic as possible. Whether it is taking down the enemy in a moving vehicle or chasing an airdrop, the excitement never seems to end.

PUBG Mobile 2022 Mobile Games


Downloads: 248263

Roblox is one of the best virtual universe simulations you will come across. The game allows you to create anything you want and share it with your friends and other gamers. You can create unlimited immersive experiences or check out what the Roblox community has created. This is the metaverse of gaming.

Roblox 2022 Mobile Games

Grand Theft Auto V – Unofficial

Downloads: 1114287

Grand Theft Auto V – Unofficial is an exciting action game and is part of the popular GTA franchise. The game features outstanding graphics; however, it’s the storyline that has made all GTA games popular. The fifth edition takes you back to San Andreas and follows the lives of Franklin, Michael, and Trevor. Play as any of them and see who stays out of trouble.

Grand Theft Auto V - Unofficial 2022 Mobile Games

Free Fire Advanced Server

Downloads: 376753

Free Fire Advanced Server is a program that allows players to try out the latest Free Fire features that are not yet released. Players help report any bugs in the game and report them to the developers. This program was available only to a limited number of gamers and this increased the excitement among the gaming community as everyone wanted in on the action.

Free Fire Advanced Server 2022 Mobile Games

Minecraft Pocket Edition

Downloads: 208758

Minecraft is one of the most popular games to play on the desktop and the pocket edition now allows you to play this game on the game. Create 3D buildings and structures and take the game forward. The features of this pocket edition as similar to the desktop version and this prompted over 200,000 downloads in 2022.

Minecraft Pocket Edition 2022 Mobile Games

Mobile Legends Bang Bang

Downloads: 296158

Mobile Legends Bang Bang is a brand new battle arena 5v5 game. The best part is you get to fight against real players in this game. Choose from your favorite heroes and build your team by choosing the comrades you stand with. You get ten seconds for match-making and spend ten minutes in battle. You get all the fun of a full desktop game at your fingertips.

Mobile Legends Bang Bang 2022 Mobile Games

Sigma Free Fire Lite

Downloads: 104669

Sigma Free Fire Lite is a survival shooting game. Players are taken to an island and fight for their survival with other contestants. The main objective of the game is survival till the end. The game was available only to limited gamers and this increased curiosity among everyone. Although the downloads were not that much, it is believed that the count would have gone up if more players were allowed to play.

Sigma Free Fire Lite 2022 Mobile Games

FF Tools

Downloads: 116898

Free Fire is a fast-paced game and gamers need all the help they get to improve their gameplay. FF Tools is a must-have for all Free Fire fans. These tools help you improve your game by speeding up your system and reducing lag. It has multiple tools that gamers can use.

FF Tools 2022 Mobile Games

Garena Free Fire

Downloads: 607913

Garena Free Fire is said to be one of the best survival games out there. Players land on a remote island where they battle it out against 49 other players. The aim is to stay in the safe zone and not get killed by your opponents. You can drive around the map and create strategies to defeat your enemy.

Garena Free Fire 2022 Mobile Games

Show off your gaming skills with these amazing games

Whether it is ambushing your enemy or stealing a bike off the street, these games will keep you entertained for hours. The best part is you can download these games on your mobile and play them anywhere you want. Your early morning commute will not be boring anymore.

Shaun M Jooste

Shaun M Jooste

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