New high resolution texture pack released for GTA San Andreas

New high resolution texture pack released for GTA San Andreas

2004’s Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas is still really popular with the modding community, and a new ‘enhanced’ version of a high resolution texture pack has just been released. Updating a mod from 2010, the HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition improves the look of San Andreas, replacing the original textures of Las Venturas, Los Santos, San Fierro and some of the countryside with new higher resolution graphics.

As well as building and environment textures, the mod adds new objects as well. The baseball stadium in Las Venturas can be visited using this mod, and more people should appear walking on the streets. There are two versions of the mod – manual and automatic. The automatic version comes with an installer and is much easier to use. Check out this video of what you can expect from GTA San Andreas HRT Pack 1.3: Enhanced Edition:

The creator of the mod, Flame1251 (on the Moddb site) has been working on a totally new high resolution mod for San Andreas, HRT Pack 1.4. This project will replace all textures in GTA San Andreas, and include improved models (characters and cars, for example), with the aim of preserving the feel of the orginal game, but with more modern graphics. Flame1251 expects to complete this this year.

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