The Dynamic Duo: Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Drop Album ‘RR’ to Take Over 2023

We analyze the album of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro

The Dynamic Duo: Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro Drop Album ‘RR’ to Take Over 2023
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro have finally done it. After almost three years together, the long-awaited collaboration between the two has arrived. They announced it just a few days ago, and it has finally come true. Through three songs that make up the RR album, both have made it clear that their music is even better when they make it together.


In addition, the release has come full of surprises. The videoclip of BESO, the only one they have released yet -although it looks like all the songs will have their own video- ends with a shot in which Rosalía shows the engagement ring given to her by Rauw. Because yes, Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro are getting married, and they have decided to announce it in this endearing way.

But what are the songs of this long-awaited album like? Here is a journey through the love between the two, in which no ingredient has been left out and where they have managed, to the surprise of many, to combine both styles.


RR’s single couldn’t be any other. BESO is the perfect blend of Rosalía and Rauw Alejandro’s styles, starting with Rosalía’s pianos and vocoders and quickly merging with Rauw’s classic but dark reggaeton beat. The slow crescendoing beat is reminiscent of both Hentai and Todo de ti, and the chorus manages to stick quickly, making it clear that we’ll be listening to it again and again this summer.

Another clear reference to this hit is La noche de anoche, in which Rosalía made a preview, far from her partner, of what could be a reggaeton love song with her voice. Although BESO is a very special song that perfectly summarizes the love between the two, it can also be seen as a spiritual sequel to Bad Bunny’s song.

Although the chorus and Rauw Alejandro’s own part has already been heard in dozens of songs of this style and sounds like classic reggaeton, Rosalía has done her own thing in this song. Motomami’s lo-fi style is stamped on its base along with an operatic darkness overshadowed by the constantly repeating melody.

As for the lyrics, they are not open to much interpretation. It is a classic love song in which both tell each other how much they need each other and how bad they feel when they are not together. “My feelings’ don’t fit in this pen“, they say, so they don’t make an effort to make metaphors beyond the costumbrismo with which we could all identify.

Of course, the song knows how to perfectly mix generic love messages that anyone would put in their old Messenger statuses with their own scenes, such as “Smells like tobacco and melon”, which gives us to understand that their love is much more personal.

In conclusion, both know that BESO is a hit that both Rosalía’s and Rauw’s fans like, and that is why they have chosen it as the main song of their album. A love letter both to their relationship and to the one they have with their public.

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The most experimental, danceable and interesting song in its rhythms is Vampires, the hit of which we will see a great videoclip sooner rather than later, and which promises to be played in all the discos this summer. Again, the song is a reggaeton, closer to Rauw’s songs than Rosalía’s own.

However, the singer from Baix Llobregat can’t help but stamp her stamp, and her presence is very noticeable both in the base and in the production. The dark background sounds are very similar to those of Saoko and CUUUUuuuuuuuute. And, before reaching the last chorus, she performs a bridge with her voice that is already a personal trademark of the singer.

If in BESO we have a tribute to their relationship in the form of classic reggaeton and in PROMESA a romantic bolero with their personal touches, in VAMPIRES we find the best of both in terms of talent. It does not seek to excite, but to be danceable and irascible, and both effects are achieved from the first minute.



Finally, we have the most curious bet of the album. Far from being a reggaeton like the previous ones, it is a bolero, a genre that, as they revealed with Ibai, they listen to constantly at home. Thus, it is a tribute to dozens of artists they love in their personal lives, and from whom they drink to make their own compositions.

The song has a sample similar to the previous ones, creating a set with the three that envelops you in a dark atmosphere but at the same time melancholic and full of love. But it also has several ups and downs during the course of the song, and the final part is a wonderful display of musical talent.

The greatest merit of PROMESA is to have been able to adapt this genre to the style of both, without losing an iota of personality at any time. You can tell that this is the song to which they have put the most love and the one that we will surely continue listening to when time takes us to the hits and we only have the memory and, as they themselves say, a Sunday afternoon to enjoy it.

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