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The best gear to own on Roblox

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Roblox has swept through multiple gaming genres with a vengeance, amassing a loyal and dedicated player base as its developed. One of the reasons that Roblox is so loved by those who dabble in it is the sheer breadth of gaming genres you can experience within the game. In a matter of minutes, you can go from a decent enough first-person shooter to building a house in the premium city simulation that is Bloxburg.


Yes, yes, Roblox absolutely is the modern escapist’s dream experience, when it’s not experiencing an outage that is. In the spirit of versatility in gaming and the escapist dream, the article that follows will encompass every single one of our absolute favorite bits of gear in Roblox, since the game’s initial release. I can already feel the nostalgia intensifying. 

Top gaming items in Roblox

Bloxy Cola

This might look like nothing more than a simple soda can, but if you’ve been around since the beginning of Roblox, the scan will be worth far more than the 50 Robux it costs. For many players, this humble can of cola is a reminder of how the game started and stands in stark disparity with how far Roblox has progressed in the last few years

That said, this humble can of cola isn’t likely to give you anything more than a hefty hit of nostalgia. Even though the Avatar Shop describes Bloxy Cola as having power-up attributes, it doesn’t specify how it affects each player and could even have different effects depending on the game the player is playing. Therefore, Bloxy Cola has been relegated to more of a role-playing item than anything actually functional. Roblox players can however take sips from the Cola and can thus simulate quenching their thirst. 

best gear to own in Roblox

Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light

Do you want to look like a mighty Ninja Warrior in Roblox? Do you want to be able to hit a target at further proximity? If your answer to these questions is yes then the Silver Ninja Star of the Brilliant Light is the weapon for you. This incredible weapon will cost you 15 Robux in the Shop and will intensify your character’s cool factor infinitely. 

Your Roblox character will wield this weapon in their hand, exactly how a ninja would hold a throwing star. The weapon can then be flung from your character’s hand toward an intended target. You can throw this weapon continuously at impressive distances and it will deal major damage to its target. As a fun visual effect for any aspiring ninjas, this weapon will stick to its target as well. 

best gear to own in Roblox

Bombo’s Survival Knife

Even though 100 Robux seems an excessive price for a survival knife, my case of Bombo’s survival knife it’s well worth it. As you can probably tell by the name this weapon is inspired by an iconic knife in Roblox from the Rambo franchise

To the untrained eye, Bumbo’s survival knife looks a lot like other knives in the Roblox item shop. Don’t let appearances fool you though as this knife is in actual fact far superior to most others in the game. This survival knife deals almost double the damage of regular knives and swords with each hit dealing 20 to 24 damage points. Even though this weapon is shorter than a conventional sword, its shorter range cannot take away from its sheer power. 

best gear to own in Roblox

Healing Potion

The healing potion is another consumable piece of gear, but one that actually grants measurable effects, unlike Bloxy Cola. The healing potion in Roblox also only costs $35 which is less than Bloxy Cola as well. 

As suggested by the name, this healing potion restores each Roblox player who drinks it to full health and fighting strength. Even though it has an incredibly potent effect, you should keep in mind that this item can only be used once in each spawn. Therefore, it’s imperative the players use this resource wisely. This is an incredibly valuable item to have during a battle and if used correctly will give you a distinct advantage over your adversaries. 

best gear to own in Roblox

Red Rolling Hoverboard

If you like zooming around on a hoverboard in real life, why not give your Roblox character that same ability? With the red rolling hoverboard now you can. This is one of the more expensive items on our list and will cost you 150 Robux. However, if you want to be able to get from place to place really quickly this is a small price to pay. 

Because of its price, this item could be considered a luxurious accessory. Therefore, in addition to transporting you around at high speeds, the Red rolling hoverboard will increase your cool factor and is an incredibly stylish way to travel. Up your cool factor even more by getting Roblox Premium. Here’s how!

best gear to own in Roblox

Gravity Coil

The gravity coil is another of the more expensive Roblox accessory items on our list. This accessory will cost you 250 Robux, but this is a small price to pay for the anti-gravity features that it grants. If you like the idea of being able to jump higher and further this is the accessory for you. 

When equipped, the gravity coil will wrap around your character’s arm and will increase the height at which your character can jump. If you should fall from a high place, this accessory also enables your player to fall slowly and gently back to the ground. This is therefore the perfect accessory for Roblox platformer games and generally feeling as light as a feather. 

While we’re on the topic of jumping, be sure to read more about how to make a jump counter in Roblox.

best gear to own in Roblox

Rainbow Magic Carpet

As it turns out, you’re more than capable of living out your Aladdin fantasies in Roblox. All you need is 700 Robux, and this phantasmagorical rainbow Magic carpet can be yours. This accessory is slightly more expensive than the Red rolling hoverboard, but it’s still worth it if you prefer speeding through the sky. 

Even better than pure functionality, this accessory lets you fly around leaving a trail of rainbow sparkle dust behind you. I ask you with tears in my eyes, what could be more beautiful than a flying carpet that leaves behind a trail of literal rainbows? This is the perfect accessory to use in the newly-released Spotify Island

Knights of Redcliff: Sword and Shield

This sword and shield combo is truly the best of both worlds for Roblox; damage and defense. The Knights of Red Cliff sword and shield is part of the Builder’s Club exclusive Gear catalog, and will instantly increase your maximum health to 175%. In addition to that intense layer of extra protection, the sword is capable of dealing 18% slash damage to your opponents. 

Moreover, if you double click with the shield enabled in Roblox, you can perform shield blasts. Even though this all sounds like an incredible asset during a fight, you should keep in mind that you move slower with your shield equipped. This can actually be a massive detriment during a sword fight.

best gear to own in Roblox

 Noir Periastron Psi

This incredible weapon formed part of our initial list of the best gear in Roblox published in 2018. Years have passed and still, this is one of our all-time favorite weapons in the game. We stand by our initial opinion that this is the best weapon money can buy. However, it shouldn’t be an impulsive purchase as it will set you back a couple of thousand Robux. 

That’s ok, though, as you can try to get a refund in Roblox if you’re unhappy or dissatisfied.

Noir is a perfectly apt name as this unique sword will darken the entire map when you press Q. The map will also take on an eerie hue and if that wasn’t sufficient, this sword will boost your speed by 40%. It also has the ability to make you invisible to other players which is handy when you’re trying to sneak up to your adversaries for the perfect close-quarters kill. Add in a one-hit kill ability and this sword truly feels overpowered. We love it!

best gear to own in Roblox


Because it is based on the famous Scottish swords wielded in historical battles, the claymore is the best sword for the true Robloxian warrior. You can pick the sword up for 35 Robux, which we feel is a fair price for a weapon of this efficiency, grandeur, and size. 

Even though the claymore looks like the other classic swords of Roblox with its yellow and black hilt and silver blade, it is far larger than a conventional sword. This means that by equipping a claymore you have a much further reach and a wider attack range when facing off with your enemies. You can also leverage higher attack damage with a lunge attack which will potentially deal up to 12 damage points, which is still less than some players have dealt over voice chat in Roblox

best gear to own in Roblox

Ronin Katana

If you aspire to be the perfect Robloxian ninja or samurai, you absolutely need the Ronin katana. This weapon’s long skinny blade makes it the perfect contender for slashing and stabbing your way through whatever game you’re playing. You can pick this one up for 45 Robux, making it only slightly more expensive than the claymore. 

Even though it doesn’t have the same damage-dealing power as the claymore, the Ronin katana still feels like the superior weapon. This is probably however only due to its character animations and incredibly unique look. This weapon does however come with a special attack; if you double click you can perform a lunging attack which deals up to 12 damage. If you plan on playing any ninja games, this would be the most suitable weapon. 

best gear to own in Roblox

Fuse Bomb

Head over to the shop with 30 Robux and you can pick up this incredibly destructive accessory. Used with caution though, while there’s a bomb is it meant to damage the environment and characters around you, many players have felt its wrath themselves. 

The fuse bomb is best used when tossed at enemies or used to neutralize blockages. Once you’ve deployed the fuse bomb, it’ll emit red sparkles and a sound that counts down the seconds until the explosion. This can however be a little bit of an impractical weapon due to the occasional delay in the explosion. I still do a little happy dance every time I deploy it correctly. Because of its sheer destructive force, however, we still rank this as one of our favorite weapons in Roblox. 

best gear to own in Roblox

Egg Phone

We’re not going to mince words here; the primary reason that the egg phone made it onto this list is that it’s absolutely free to anyone who plays Roblox. This item was first released for the Robloxian egg hunt which took place in 2020. It helped players navigate the world around them and find hidden eggs within the various Roblox egg hunt games. 

Even though it doesn’t really serve much of a purpose now that the egg hunt has concluded, we’d still hold on to the egg phone. For the moment, all you can do with the egg phone is simulate a phone during role-playing games. However, given that this is a free item, We would suggest getting your hands on it now just in case ROBLOX decides to use it again in a future competition. 

best gear to own in Roblox

Dual Venomashanks

This is another one of our legacy favorites. The venom shanks on long-range swords which do far more than the unconventional Robloxian sword is capable of. Instead of nearly giving you the ability to slash or stab your adversaries, the venom shanks will poison them. Furthermore, these deadly blades will keep on inflicting damage every second until your victim has died or is healed. 

These blades also have a secondary attack, in which you can press the Q key to deposit a deadly puddle of acid on the floor. This will inflict damage upon any player who strolls through it.

best gear to own in Roblox

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