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The Complete Fortnite Weapons Guide: Submachine Guns

Alex LaFreniere

Alex LaFreniere

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Fortnite: Battle Royale is a chaotic fight for survival against as many as 100 ruthless opponents. If you hope to survive and achieve the coveted Victory Royale, you need to make sure that you’re better equipped than the competition. With a huge arsenal of weapons to choose from, it can be tough to make split-second decisions about what to take with you and what to leave behind. We’ll do the work so that you don’t have to, with an in-depth examination of each weapon in Fortnite. For this guide, we’ll be looking at submachine guns.

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One overarching rule to remember when it comes to Fortnite’s weapons: all guns in the game are available in varying levels of rarity, ranked based on a color system. Refer to the list below to see each level, and make sure you go for rare guns whenever you find them.

Common- Grey

Uncommon- Green

Rare- Blue

Epic- Purple

Legendary- Orange

Submachine Gun

Fortnite Submachine Gun

Rarities: Common/Uncommon/Rare

Damage Per Shot: 17/18/19

Ammo Type: Light Bullets

Magazine Capacity: 30

Description: The Submachine Gun bridges the gap between pistols and assault rifles. Firing pistol rounds from a standard 30-round magazine, the SMG’s damage per shot is comparatively low. Unlike other automatic weapons, it makes up for this low damage with a fast fire rate and high close-range accuracy that will quickly chew through enemy shields and put a decisive end to close encounters. The SMG’s effectiveness drops off at range, becoming less accurate at distances. The SMG isn’t going to be much help against far away opponents, and should instead be reserved for shorter ranges.

Suppressed Submachine Gun

Fortnite Suppressed Submachine Gun

Rarities: Common/Uncommon/Rare

Damage Per Shot: 22/23/24

Ammo Type: Light Bullets

Magazine Capacity: 30

Description: The Suppressed SMG is a silenced version of the standard SMG. The gun’s suppressor is mostly cosmetic; it will give you something of an advantage if you take an enemy by surprise, but don’t expect it to make you into the next Solid Snake. Enemies will quickly figure out where the attack is coming from, meaning you won’t be able to stay hidden for long.

Though stealth capabilities are limited, the Suppressed SMG does higher damage than its standard issue counterpart. This high damage is tempered by a slower fire rate, making it less effective for quick close up engagements. This slow fire rate does make the Suppressed SMG slightly more controllable, however, meaning it’s a fair bit more accurate at longer ranges.

Drum Gun

Fortnite Drum Gun

Rarities: Uncommon/Rare

Damage Per Shot: 26/27

Ammo Type: Medium Bullets

Magazine Capacity: 50

Description: The Tommy Gun. The Chicago Typewriter. The Drum Gun. All are nicknames for the iconic Thompson Submachine Gun, a favorite of Prohibition-era gangsters across America. The Drum Gun’s name comes from the weapon’s circular drum magazine, which isn’t just for show. It has a whopping 50-round capacity, the highest of any of the submachine guns. Coupled with the weapon’s use of high damage Medium Bullets, it quickly becomes apparent why the gun was so popular with the criminally inclined. Simply point, hold down the trigger, and blaze away until the high-caliber bullets do their job. Just make sure you do your best to fight the urge to become the next Al Capone.

Compact SMG

Fortnite Compact SMG

Rarities: Epic/Legendary

Damage Per Shot: 20/21

Ammo Type: Light Bullets

Magazine Capacity: 40

Description: The Compact SMG is the thinking man’s submachine gun. High damage? Check. High magazine capacity? Check. Accuracy? Check. The Compact SMG does it all, and does it with style. Its fast fire rate couples nicely with its other attributes to create a perfect all around weapon for close to medium range firefights, and will make short work of any enemies in your way. They’re a rare find, though, so count yourself lucky if you happen to stumble across one. Oh, and make sure to grab it if you do: this is one addition to your arsenal that you can’t afford to pass up.

Submachine Guns are the perfect backup weapons to have on hand, and will get you out of more than one sticky situation. They nicely round out any player’s arsenal, bridging the gap between slower firing long-range weapons and the close-range applications of shotguns. If you find yourself more suited to a spray-and-pray approach, SMGs will quickly become your new best friends.

Alex LaFreniere

Alex LaFreniere

Alex's first experience with video games came at the tender young age of 12, when his parents gave him and his brothers a PlayStation 2 for Christmas. They’ve probably been regretting that mistake ever since, because as soon he finished his first lap in Gran Turismo 3, Alex was hooked for life. In addition to writing for Softonic, Alex has turned that love of games into a voice acting career, and has voiced everything from grizzled old soldiers to vampire lords. When he's not gaming or getting behind the microphone, Alex can probably be found wandering the woods around Boston or putting together some new culinary delight in his kitchen.

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