Top 5 sketch applications

Sketch Master screenshotI’ve never been a dab hand with a paintbrush – I had more fun flicking paint at kids in my class than being the next Picasso. For people like me, there’s only one thing for it and that’s to either kick me out of the classroom or give me a sketching application on the PC. There are so many sketch applications nowadays that it’s hard to know where to start, especially with an increasing number of online applications on offer. However, there are definite differences in the amount of options and control that some offline apps give you over others. One very common use for sketch apps is to turn your photos into sketches which you can then modify as Elena illustrates here. Your choice of sketch app will be largely influenced by how experienced you are with sketch applications because while some are designed for professionals, others are designed for those that don’t know their palette from their paintbrush. Here’s a selection of five of the best downloadable options:

Artweaver – Use this excellent program to create sketch versions of your photos

FotoSketcher – Fool your friends into thinking you’ve sketched paintings and photos

Sketch Master – Use effects ranging from crayon and pen to charcoal and airbrush

Intocartoon Professional
– Convert photos into sketch style cartoon style drawing in seconds

AKVIS Sketch Plugin – Professional plugin for Photoshop to produce stunning sketch effects

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