Trump’s Arrest: How AI-Generated Images Sparked a Media Frenzy

Discerning fact from fiction is increasingly difficult due to misuse of AIs

Trump’s Arrest: How AI-Generated Images Sparked a Media Frenzy
María López

María López

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As much as we keep repeating it, artificial intelligence never ceases to amaze us. They have proven to be capable of doing incredible things, from writing scripts to writing code with almost no noticeable flaws. However, the boundaries between reality and science fiction are becoming more blurred as this technology improves.

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One of the most recent examples is that of Donald Trump. Yesterday, we were able to see some completely edited images where the former president of the United States was seen fighting against police officers. All this during the day he was supposed to be arrested.

Drawing deepfakes has become a routine, especially in the Internet era we live in today. The announcement of Donald Trump’s possible arrest by the NYPD had generated great expectations among his detractors. One of the reasons behind the arrest was due to a bribe he would have made to porn actress Stormy Daniels to silence an alleged affair between the two. As expected, the news spread like wildfire among the media and social networks, which left no one indifferent.

The announcement of the arrest also led to an unexpected situation by the police. Instead of protests, the Internet was flooded with a large number of AI-generated images. The truth is that if you have a trained eye, it won’t be difficult to spot the fake images. However, there were many users who did believe them.

It should serve as a warning: this incident has set a precedent for what is to come. In a world where information flows at breakneck speeds, fact-checking has become even more critical than ever. The recent dissemination of fake images of Trump is yet another example of the misuse of AIs.

Source: Techbriefly
María López

María López

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