Try Among Us in VR: Registrations are now open

Try Among Us in VR: Registrations are now open
Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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According to an announcement on the Among Us official Twitter account, registrations are now open for Among Us VR. Applicants will have to fill out a short survey, though. The answers to the survey presumably determine whether you get picked to try the game when it releases for beta testing. 


The questions on the survey are quite straightforward. The team behind the survey seems to be primarily interested in whether you have a VR headset or not, which VR headset you have, and where you usually buy VR games. 

‘Do you own a VR headset? Do you have an internet connection? Do you want to try Among Us VR early? Sign up for Beta Test tasks here and help out the beans!’

At this point, we’re not sure exactly how long the beta test period will last and when successful applicants will be notified, but the prospect of being one of the first to experience this phenomenal part game in VR surely is tantalizing. This VR take on the classically modern whodunnit game was inspired by another VR title – Cosmonious High.

The latter is a VR experience set in an alien high school, and the game may have formed part of an early hint the crewmates were going to go VR. In March, there was a section of Owlchemy Lab’s Cosmonious High where players were tasked with finding an Among Us crewmate somewhere in the high school-themed world. Little did we know that that short search was a precursor to far more exciting gameplay. 

The trailer for the new VR Among Us looks sick. No hold’s barred, there is nothing that appeals to me more right now than the idea of getting to actually run around the space station with crewmate blood on my hands. The trailer features the yellow crewmate rather heavily, which makes it even more striking toward the end of the video when the yellow crewmate ends up decapitated. We don’t know when the game will release, but when it does, it’ll be available on PSVR 2, Meta Quest, and Rift. 

If you don’t want to wait for the new Among Us VR experience, feel free to check out the latest update of the existing game. In the patch notes for the update, you’ll find the mention of brand-new Among Us roles and Cosmicubes!

Russell Kidson

Russell Kidson

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