Watch the first Mad Max gameplay video

Watch the first Mad Max gameplay video

A Mad Max game is being developed by Sweden’s Avalanche studios, the creators of the OTT open world games Just Cause and Just Cause 2. Today the first gameplay video was released, showing us the violent post apocalyptic world of the movies, and the hero himself, Mad Max.

Not much is known about the game, but from the trailer it looks like Avalanche is putting its open world experience to use for Mad Max. And just like Just Cause, this game looks like a third-person action game with a huge world and plenty of vehicles and combat. Mad Max will need a good story to keep you engaged though: the Just Cause games didn’t really deliver in terms of narrative – but they made up for it with jets, skydiving and the fantastic grappling hook. Mad Max is unlikely to have these cool tools at his disposal, so we’ll have to see how Avalanche manages without them!

One notable thing about Mad Max is his face. Bearing no relation to original actor Mel Gibson, Max now resembles a more stubbled version of Just Cause hero Rico Rodriguez.

Mad Max will be released in 2014, but we don’t know if will be coming to PC or which next gen consoles.

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