Watch the full Microsoft Windows 10 presentation video

Watch the full Microsoft Windows 10 presentation video

Microsoft has published the full video presentation of Windows 10, its upcoming operating system that aims to unify all Microsoft devices under one system, and you can watch it below. It clocks in at almost 40 minutes, but you get to see a lot of how the new Windows will work.

See the new hybrid Start Menu in action, how it’s Continuum feature will detect whether you’re using a keyboard or touchscreen, multiple desktops and more.

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As we reported, Microsoft conspicuously avoided any mention of price, but there will be a free preview available for you to test today if you sign up for its ‘Windows Insider Program’. Windows 10 won’t get a full public release until late 2015.

If a 40 minute video is too long, check out our comprehensive guide to whats new in Windows 10 here.

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