Windows 95 is now an app!

You can now download and install Windows 95 as an app on Windows, Linux, and macOS

It wasn’t too long ago that we were talking about the glorious concept that was the Windows 95 phone. The beautifully retro mobile operating system, which was rocking MS Paint and even Clippy, made a lot more sense than the actual Windows phones that Microsoft served up. Unfortunately, however, it was only an idea. But today we get one step closer to that beautiful reality. Today, you can download Windows 95 as an electron app for Windows, macOS, and Linux.

We have Felix Rieseberg, a developer at Slack to thank for this masterpiece. According to The Verge, Rieseberg has based the Windows 95 app on a web project that allows users to play around with all sorts of older operating systems, including Windows 95 and Windows 98.

You can now relive Windows 95 in all its glory thanks to a handy new app

If you’re a nostalgic Windows 95 fan, you’ll be happy to know that Rieseberg’s app has it all, from Paint to Wordpad and Minesweeper, and it is all served up in its original pixelated beauty. In perhaps the most authentic part of the whole app, Internet Explorer doesn’t work and will have you wanting to smash your computer into a million pieces.

If you think you might like to give the Windows 95 app a try, you’ll have to head over to Github. The app only takes 129 MB of space and will have minimal effect on today’s modern computers.

This isn’t the first time Windows 95 has been reproduced. Microsoft’s game-changing operating system has also found its way onto both Android and Apple watches and some wise old fool even ported it to the Xbox One. All that is left now is for Windows 95 to get the dedicated smartphone it deserves, and its spiritual journey will be complete.

Who is up for the challenge?

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