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Best YouTube channels to train at home

Today we’re finishing our look at all the best apps and accounts you need in your life if you want to stay fit and healthy while stuck indoors. We’ve looked at mindfulness and meditation apps, Instagram accounts for workouts, workout apps, and now today we’re looking at the best YouTube channels you want to subscribe to for all the best workouts.

If you think about it, YouTube is the perfect place to get your workouts from. The video platform places no limitations on what your workout gurus can do. You can get massive workouts that last for hours, quick High-Intensity Interval workouts, Yoga and Pilates sessions, and even weeks or months-long courses that have specific fitness and health-based goals in mind. Let’s get into it then. These are the best workout channels on YouTube.

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Best YouTube Home workout fitness channels

Check out all the best YouTube channels to subscribe to for workouts and fitness and health routines.

Adam Rosante

Adam Rosante’s YouTube channel offers a series of very accessible workouts for fitness enthusiasts of all levels. These quick sessions last anywhere between five and twenty minutes and are extremely challenging. There’s definitely something for everyone here with routines utilizing your own body weight rather than relying on expensive equipment. There are strength training routines, however, that will incorporate a dumbbell here or there, but there’s certainly a lot here for anybody who doesn’t have any home gym equipment.

The other great thing about this YouTube channel is just how welcoming and warm Rosante is. He has a great attitude that is infectious too. This will help to keep you motivated even when he’s pushing through some pretty painful sets and reps. This channel is all about pushing yourself to your limit.

Joanna Soh

Joanna Soh is a long-established personal trainer who has brought plenty of her workout routines and circuits to YouTube. Her YouTube channel is full of all sorts of different workout videos including sessions on Pilates, abs development and full-body strength, kickboxing, and more. What’s great too for anybody working out at home is that Joanna also releases great videos focusing on things like an indoor steps challenge and even performing full-body workouts while in a seated position.

As well as all of Joanna’s fitness videos she also goes the extra mile by producing videos on food, diet, and nutrition as well as looking at equipment and even clothing. Going even further, Joanna also offers tips and tricks on living a healthy lifestyle while living on a tight budget and she is also on a mission to bust all the common myths about weight loss that might be standing in your way. If you’re looking for a complete YouTube channel that gives you more than just workout videos, this is it.

Tone It Up

Tone it Up is another great YouTube channel that has been founded by well-known fitness gurus Karena Dawn and Katrina Scott. If you’re stuck at home, this channel will definitely have lots for you as it offers workouts that intelligently utilize many standard household items and pieces of furniture like coffee tables and office chairs.

Subscribing to this channel will get you hundreds of great videos covering all manner of different types of workouts such as HIIT workouts (High-Intensity Interval Training) as well as focused sessions that target areas like your arms, abs chest, and lower body. You’ll also find plenty of videos covering diet and nutrition too, which are just as important as the workout videos, if not more so, for anybody looking to shed a few pounds and get in better shape.


Blogilates has been live on YouTube for over ten years. This means there is a wealth of resources here for anybody looking to give their health and fitness a boost. What’s also great for anybody stuck at home is that all of these routines only require one piece of equipment, a Yoga mat. If you don’t have a Yoga mat, you could simply use a towel, meaning there’s nothing standing in the way of you starting a Blogilates session right now.

As you’d expect from the title there is a lot here that focuses on Pop Pilates stretches but the channel actually goes a lot further covering everything from healthy recipes to common problems and issues experienced by people trying to get in shape. There’s also plenty of great content about how to deal with your own position in the fitness world and cope with the aesthetic pressures modern society puts us under. Cassey Ho, who is behind the channel is like your supportive, funny, and knowledgeable friend, there to guide you on your fitness journey.

BodyRock TV

BodyRock TV puts out daily fitness videos covering many different types of workout. The aim of the game here is bodyweight exercises meaning anybody can get started with these routines at home immediately, without the need to buy expensive equipment. The workouts on this channel are quite intense, however, and not for the faint-hearted. You’ll get walkthrough guides to plenty of routines as well as all sorts of twists on common exercises.

The channel also plenty of content about healthy recipes, adjusting to a nutritious diet, and keeping on top of your calorie intake. On top of all that, you’ll also find the odd video showing exercise that requires some basic equipment like dumbbells if you want to give them a try.

Wrapping up

Starting a new healthy lifestyle at home really is easy on YouTube with plenty of great channels offering you a lot of amazing health-inspired content. The video platform really is the best place to start your new journey to a healthier lifestyle and a fitter body. If you’re stuck at home, there’s nothing better you can do than subscribe to one of the channels we’ve mentioned and start working through their videos. You won’t regret it.

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