Download Animator - Best Software & Apps

  1. Muvizu

    • 3.9
    • (592 votes)

    A 3D animation software that’s like a game

    Animation is undoubtedly a booming industry right now. From Disney to Dreamworks to the recent newcomers like Illumination, there is no shortage of animation...

  2. 3D Graphics software for Presentations

    Add some Depth to your Presentations with Aurora 3D Animation Maker! Spice up presentations and other animated projects with animated text introduction...

  3. Create animated presentations!

    Powtoon is a video editing program that can be used for personal and professional use. The multimedia web application enables you to create video...

  4. Stickman Animator - Create simple animations easily

    Stickman Animator allows you to create animations involving stickmen simply and easily, so that you can create animated stickman videos like the Flash videos...

  5. Complete 2D animation tool

    Crazy Talk Animator Pro is a 2D animation tool that adds a new dimension to any image by adding motion and a multitude of effects.Crazy Talk Animator allows...

  6. Bring out your inner animator!

    Anime Studio is an animation app that makes it easy to draw backgrounds, create and animate 2D characters, insert dialog and soundtrack and, if you want...

  7. Create your own GIFs

    You do not have to be an expert on graphics to be able to create your own GIF. Any GIF Animator is developed by that lets anyone make a GIF from a...

  8. Stykz

    • 3.5
    • (572 votes)

    An easy way to create basic animations

    Creating animated cartoons sounds a bit daunting, but if you start by creating doodle stick animations with Stykz, it's a different story.Stykz is a dead...

  9. Create powerful 3D Flash animations and games

    3D Flash Animator is a nice, trial version program only available for Windows, that belongs to the category Design & photography software with subcategory...

  10. A Small And Free GIF Animator

    The MS Gif Animator is great because it makes the creation of GIFs a very easy process. You place your video into the tool and it turns it into a GIF for...

  11. Simplifying animation for newbies

    Stick Nodes Pro Stickfigure Animator is an animator app that will give you stick figures to work with on your animation project. From the app, you can create...

  12. CINEMA 4D

    • 3.3
    • (1229 votes)

    Powerful professional 3D video animator

    CINEMA 4D is a complete and complex solution for 3D video animation that gives you total power and control throughout the whole design and creation...

  13. A full version app for iPhone, by Ralph Damiano.

    Stick Nodes Pro - Animator is a full version app for iPhone, that belongs to the category 'Lifestyle'.

  14. Bring your web page to life with animated GIFs

    Easy GIF Animator is a tool that makes creating these animated GIFs a breeze, allowing you to make banners, buttons and animated images that will help make...

  15. Produce high-quality images, titles, banner ads and buttons

  16. Easily create Java animations

    If you've always wanted to try learning Java but have no programming skills, then Javascript Animator Express may be of interest. It allows you to create...

  17. Falco GIF Animator is one of the best Tool to draw and edit animated images (GIFs).