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  1. Icon Maker

    • 3.2
    • (99 votes)

    High-Quality and Transparent Icons

    Icon Maker is a free Graphics and Design software by Mevedia. The software lets users design their own icons while possessing multiple layers and...

  2. Create icons for your favorite apps

    Image 2 Icon Converter is a simple image converter that lets you use any picture as an icon to customize shortcuts and documents.Using Image 2 Icon Converter...

  3. Easily create cool, personalized icons

    Junior Icon Editor is a fun, handy icon editor that can help you create custom icons in no time.With Junior Icon Editor you’ll have no excuse not to design...

  4. Icon utility to create and edit icon (.ico) files for Windows XP, Windows Seven, Windows 8 and Windows 10

  5. A fully featured free icon editor

    Pixelformer is a complete icon tool with which you can edit any existent icon or create your own from scratch. The program features a quite dark interface...

  6. Create icons using JPEG images

    Making your own icons is a cool way to add a touch of class to your desktop without adding any widgets or changing the theme. Easy Picture2Icon allows you to...

  7. Easily create your own icons for multiple platforms

    SoftOrbits Icon Maker is a tool for creating new icons from existing graphics or designing them yourself. Windows, Android and iOS all have their own...

  8. Create and edit icons quickly and easily

    Bugs fixed: Gif wizard bug fixed, bug with unsupported formats fixed, memory leak when opening ICL bug fixed, file formats when working with frames bug...

  9. Colorflow

    • 3.5
    • (32 votes)

    An elegant Mac-style icon collection

    If you tend to grow tired of icons too quickly, here's a package that can help you satisfy your demand for new icons. Colorflow is a stylish icon collection...

  10. iPhone-style icons for your computer

    Sometimes beauty is in small details, and that's the case of this attractive collection of icons. The Spiffy Icon Pack includes more than fifty high-quality...

  11. A free app for Android, by Gianluca Spadazzi.

    Icon Pack Generator - Create Your Own Icon Pack is a free program for Android, that belongs to the category 'Personalization'.

  12. Create stylish icons in two easy steps

    If you need to create an icon but haven't been blessed with design skills, don't worry. Icon Generator is here to lend you a hand. This simple program eases...

  13. An icon creator for people who are creating apps

    Icon Creator - ICNS and icon set composer is an app that was created for people who wish to design logos for their apps. There are many similar tools on the...

  14. Create cool icons for your Mac folders

    Folder Icon is an awesome, trial version Mac program, that belongs to the category Customize your Mac with subcategory Icons.

  15. Disk image creation tool

    SimplyDisk is a free utility tool developed by Oaksoft for desktop devices. This software helps users create custom disk images through a simple and...

  16. A great app for personalizing your phone interface

    If you find the standard look of your phone interface to be a bit boring, Desktop VisualizeR can help it look fancier. Desktop VisualizeR is a...

  17. A full version app for iPhone, by Lemondo Apps LLC

    Icon Skins Builder - Create Custom Home Lock Screen Backgrounds And Wallpapers is a full version software for iPhone, belonging to the category 'Utilities &...

  18. Has the basics, but also security risks

    If you don't like the stock launcher on your phone, you can change it. Android lets you customize a lot of its interface. All you have to do is install a new...

  19. Generate, extract and create icon libraries

    Fixed bugs Added Make icon transparent Added Build-in Icon Editor, can enlarge or reduce icon, can change the color depth of icons easily

  20. A full version app for iPhone, by Pilcrow AG.

    QR Reader - Scan Create And Read QR Code With Logo Icon is a full version software for iPhone, belonging to the category 'Utilities & Tools'.