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  1. RoboForm2Go

    • 2.8
    • (28 votes)

    Portable automated password manager

    RoboForm2Go is a very convenient tool that not only takes care of all your login names and passwords for different sites, but also enables you to carry them...

  2. Manage files and perform backups on your Android device

    Looking for a free file manager for Android? Look no further than Astro File Manager, a free application for organizing documents, files and folders...

  3. Downloadable Software to Display the Information of an Operating System

    There can be many times when we need to quickly see information regarding an operating system. Perhaps we must determine the size of a hard drive or we need...

  4. Major League Baseball for the 2016 Season

    Get all the baseball fun you can handle on your IOS mobile device, all fro free from iTunes. Build your team, gather experience and push your players to the...

  5. Your friendly task manager

    Task Coach will take care of all your pending tasks, as well as important dates and meetings, so that you never forget any of them again and you can also...