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  1. fOsi X

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    Check how space is used on your hard drive

    No matter how organized you keep stuff in your computer, the only way to know how space is distributed on your hard drive is using a tool like fOsi X. With...

  2. Search and destroy hard drive hogging files

    Windows still does not include a simple utility that will show you where the largest files on your system are located. Why this is the case I have no idea...

  3. A Free Security program for Windows

    BitDefender QuickScan is a great, free software also available for Web apps, belonging to the category Security software with subcategory Anti-spyware and...

  4. Create and manage partitions on your hard drive

  5. Maintain, manage, and optimize your hard drive

    Macs have a reputation for needing little maintenance compared to PCs but after a while, it's inevitable that any Mac owner will start to run into...

  6. Argus Monitor Checks the Health Status of Your Hard Drive

    It?s the nightmare that anyone who uses a computer dreads. Without warning your PC suddenly stops working. If you haven?t backed up your data it means it...

  7. Complete partition tool

    When it comes to server management, you shouldn't take any chances and Acronis® Disk Director® Server 10.0 provides you with powerful partition and hard disk...

  8. Optimize and clean your PC hard drive and registry

    If you're noticing a significant slowdown in your PC's performance, jv16 PowerTools is a comprehensive optimization and tuneup utility suite which could...

  9. Get back deleted data and unformat hard drive partitions with Unformat 4.0.

  10. Recover deleted/lost files from hard drive, external hard drive, USB drive, Memory card, digital camera etc.

  11. Create encrypted areas in your hard drive or portable devices

    Steganos Safe is a useful must-have of a tool that is designed to make encrypting areas on your PC's hard drive easy and safe.Having sensitive data...

  12. Comprehensive monitoring of your hard drive performance

    If your hard drive suddenly fails on you then unless you've backed up absolutely everything, then you can potentially lose everything.GSmartControl is a...

  13. Recover lost or deleted files after format drive,deleted partition,damaged hard drive partition,changed/lost partition.

  14. Erase all data on your hard drive with this app

    Disk Storage Low-Level Format is a free utility application that, as the name suggests, allows users to perform low-level formatting. Like what is done in...

  15. Powerful tool to repair and maintain your hard drive

    Note that a trial version of TechTool Pro is no longer available.TechTool Pro is a powerful utility for testing, repair and maintenance of your Mac.This even...

  16. WizzTree

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    Free Software to Identify Files Requiring an Excess Amount of Hard Drive Space

    Even modern hard drives can experience performance problems due to the presence of large folders or files that require an excessive amount of memory....

  17. Scan and defragment your hard drive the easy way

    Disk defragmentation is one of those boring yet necessary tasks you need to perform from time-to-time in order to keep system performance at its peak. Hard...

  18. Find duplicate photos on your hard drive

    Duplicate Images Finder can help you recover wasted space on your hard drive - it will analyze your image folders and find duplicate photos that you might...

  19. DriveGLEAM

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    Hard-drive activity monitoring utility

    DriveGLEAM is a handy, free Windows program, belonging to the category Software utilities with subcategory Disk.