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  1. Noda

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    A VR mind mapping tool

    Noda allows you to plan and create mind maps. If you are creating mind maps or presentations, then this tool is severely lacking when compared to desktop...

  2. Free software bundle to help users better organize their thoughts

    Mindly is a very unique software application that will enable users to better mentally 'map' and organize their daily events. Through the use of a highly...

  3. BigMind Pro

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    A mind-mapping and idea visualization program

    BigMind Pro presents you with a white and blank area where you may add text nodes and boxes. Link the boxes, color them, and write in them to create mind...

  4. Curio

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    Professional mind mapping and note taking software

    If you're looking for one of the most comprehensive brainstorming applications possible on the Mac or are looking for a replacement for OneNote on Windows...

  5. Free App for Kids

    Popplet is a special app that promises to improve the attention span of children and enhance their performance at school by using mind mapping. Children who...