Download Platformer Games For Iphone - Best Software & Apps

  1. Growtopia

    • 4.2
    • (17 votes)

    Free 2D platformer sandbox game.

    Everyone’s a hero in this 2D platformer MMO. Pixel worlds of virtually unlimited variations await your senses. Grow, punch, break and build your way to...

  2. Wind powered platformer

    Lost Winds is an action adventure port of the Nintendo Wii game for iOS.The core gameplay combines platforming with puzzle solving using control of wind to...

  3. Throw me in the dungeon!

    Delving into Devious Dungeons dastardly depths offers the kind of retro-platforming challenge that harkens back to days of yore, but with just enough modern...

  4. Suzy Cube

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Explore a Cute Cuboid World in Suzy Cube

    Suzy Cube is a 3D platformer which takes the blocky aesthetic of Minecraft and moves it into an even cuter direction. The main character is Suzy Cube...

  5. The best penguin platformer this side of Antarctica

    Play as penguins that jump, dive, and slide on their belly in this cute and fun side-scrolling platformer for iPhone.

  6. Mars: Mars

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    Free platformer that lets you explore Mars

    Mars: Mars is a free fun action mobile video game that puts you in the shoes of an intrepid newbie astronaut. Developed by Pomelo Games, Mars: Mars is a...

  7. Kid Chameleon

    • 2
    • (No votes yet)

    A free SEGA side-scrolling platformer for retro enthusiasts

    Kid Chameleon is a 2D platform game where your character is given strange new powers depending upon which magical masks he wears. Different masks give your...

  8. Classic Sci-Fi Platformer Remastered for Mobile

    Flashback Mobile is the action-adventure mobile port and remastered release of the hit 1992 science fiction cinematic platformer game Flashback. The story...

  9. Trace

    • 4.7
    • (3 votes)

    Draw your way to safety in this unique platformer

    If you're a fan of Little Big Planet then you're just going to love Trace, an iPhone game in which you literally design levels as you play.The aim of Trace...

  10. A full version program for iPhone, by Nevosoft LLC.

    Supercow: Funny Farm Arcade Platformer is a full version game for iPhone, that belongs to the category 'Games'.