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  1. A free, easy-to-use file cleaner

    CCleaner is a useful, simple, and free-to-use application that keeps your Microsoft Windows computer in good shape. It removes unwanted apps, trackers...

  2. PDF Download
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    Choose how to open PDF files in Firefox

    There is nothing that annoys me more in Firefox when a PDF document tries to open and crashes the browser.PDF Download prevents this problem ever arising by...

  3. Know the best deals

    Keepa - Amazon Price Tracker is a helpful lifestyle app for thrifty shopaholics out there. Good deals are hard to come by and chance upon especially with a...

  4. Check how your battery is doing

    Battery Health Monitor shows you immediately how your Macbook battery is going. As soon as you launch it, you'll see the status of your battery, whether it's...

  5. Memory Booster - RAM Optimizer - Give your PC memory a boost!

    Memory Booster instantly frees up memory so that your system can work faster. This simple and easy to use application looks good and does exactly what it...

  6. Free video player for FLV files

    There are literally dozens of options out there for FLV playback and FLVPLayer4Free tries to weigh in as one of the more customisable FLV players. Normally...

  7. A gold colored theme for your on-screen keyboard

    Pure Gold Keyboard is a theme that you install into your device. It changes the color of your keyboard so that it is made up of golds and different shades...

  8. Uninstall and remove apps from your device

    The Delete Apps Uninstaller gives you a single place to uninstall apps from your device without having to visit your operating system's uninstall feature.

  9. Time Sink

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    Record how long you spend wasting time on your Mac

    Time Sink is a tool that tracks how long you take part in each task on your Mac. If you have ever wondered where all the time goes when you play on your...

  10. How long do you have left?

    Countdown App is unlike any other timer app that you have encountered in your life. It is not going to count down the remaining days left before your...