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  1. A popular first-person shooter game for Windows

    Project IGI is one of the most famous first-person shooter games for Windows PCs. The storyline follows Agent Jones, whose primary objective is to capture...

  2. First-Person Cartoon Horror Game for Mobile Phones

    Not all horror stories take place in the shadows. This unique first-person game combines suspense and intrigue within a decidedly colorful background.

  3. A Silent Takedown

    Ex-Military David Jones is back to prevent international terrorism and world catastrophe in this action game. IGI 2: Covert Strike is the second installment...

  4. Are you the best burglar?

    The Very Organized Thief is apparently a hidden object game. At least it is in appearance, because beyond this it offers an indie game filled with...

  5. Be a sharpshooter

    Commando Sniper Shooter 3D is a game developed by Lingogames where your mission is to save your village from terrorists by shooting them down with a sniper....

  6. Use Stealth and Aim Right in Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter

    Deer Hunter: 3D Sniper Shooter is a free shooting game that simulates the experience of hunting deer. Prowl stealthily through a lush wilderness in search of...

  7. Fun and free platform stealth game

    Stealth Bastard is a free Windows game, being part of the category PC games with subcategory Platform and has been published by Curve Studios.

  8. Sniper Ops 3D

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    Take Out Terrorists in Sniper Ops 3D

    Sniper Ops 3D is a free-to-download shooter that puts the player in control of an ace sniper in a deadly warzone. Use stealth and timing to take out enemy...

  9. A free program for Android, by 3MenStudio.

    Agent Kim 007 - Stealth Game is a free app for Android, that belongs to the category 'Action'.

  10. Strap On VR Gear. Keep An Eye Out. Shoot the Breeze.

    Honeypot Espionage is an online VR first-person shooter where you compete against, and try to kill, other players. It is set apart primarily by its stealth...

  11. A free program for Android, by Space Tech Gamers.

    City Robber: Thief Simulator Sneak Stealth Game is a free app for Android, belonging to the category 'Role Playing'.