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  1. A decent Twitter client

    Slices for Twitter is another Twitter client that gives you more search options.At its core, Slices for Twitter is a client that offers better organization...

  2. TwitterFon

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    Free Twitter app for your iPhone

    TwitterFon is a free Twitter application for your iPhone. It's a little basic compared to paid or ad supported apps like Twitterrific, but it works perfectly...

  3. Mobile Twitter on the big screen

    The official iOS Twitter app just got an iPad upgrade, expanding the iPhone version with much richer media and designed for the big screen.You don't need a...

  4. TweetMyPC

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    Remote Twitter control for your PC!

    If you've ever left for work, realising you left your PC on, perhaps you'd like a way to turn it off?With TweetMyPC, you can remotely log out, restart, or...

  5. Facebook, Twitter and Gmail, together at last!

    Universal Messenger is a free app from smartstudios. It integrates a dazzling list of services in various categories into one app: Dropbox, OneDrive and...

  6. Twitter with simultanous Facebook posting

    TweetCaster is an accessible, ad-supported Twitter client for Android phones.With so many Twitter clients for mobile devices out there, it can be really hard...

  7. The customizable social network for music fans

    MySpace is a social network that is packed with features. You can create your own private community of friends to share music, videos, news and more.The...

  8. Chirp

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    Free Software for Twitter Users

    Chirp for Desktop is a special type of software that allows Twitter users to stay connected and make posts from the comfort of their PC or laptop. Installing...

  9. Manage social media images with MavSocial

    MavSocial is a social media management tool that allows users to schedule and create social media content on a wide range of different platforms. It also...

  10. Nambu

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    Twitter client with a distinct OS X look and feel

    Nambu is an an attempt to bring the world of Twitter and instant messaging clients together in one streamlined application.Nambu supports multiple Twitter...

  11. Tweetie

    • 3.3
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    Excellent Twitter client exclusively for Mac

    Tweetie is now known as the official Twitter client but you can still download it here.Even just browsing Atebit's homepage, you can tell Tweetie is going to...

  12. The first Twitter client for Windows 8 Metro

    FlipToast for Windows 8 is the first Twitter Client for the Metro interface.There is a version of FlipToast for Windows 7 and XP, but FlipToast for Metro is...

  13. Get the latest Twitter stories in your browser

    TICKnTALK for Firefox is a plug-in for the Mozilla Firefox browser that lets you stay on top of the latest, hottest stories on Twitter.After installing...

  14. Share text, photos and videos online the easy way

    ibrii is a new way to share content online. With this Firefox add-on you can share text, pictures and videos in just a couple of clicks.Using ibrii is dead...

  15. Post your tunes to Twitter

  16. Get the latest Twitter stories in your browser

    TICKnTALK for Internet Explorer is a plug-in for Internet Explorer that lets you stay on top of the latest, hottest stories on Twitter.After installing...