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5 user-created Snapchat lenses you’ll absolutely love

Snapchat lenses have taken social media by storm. They’re fun to use and exciting to look at, and Snapchat users just like you can create and submit them. We’ll briefly discuss what these lenses are and how they work — and then spotlight five great user-created lenses to enjoy.

5 user-created Snapchat lenses you’ll absolutely love

What are Snapchat lenses?

Snapchat lenses are the graphics that show up on your photos or videos in the app that cover your face, creating a “lens” around your face and virtually turning you into a character. These are a fun way to spice up your Snapchats and to get more enjoyment out of the app.

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Pretty much everyone knows about the dog lens, the flower crown lens, and a range of others created by Snapchat itself. There’s even a lens specifically for your cat. But let’s talk about some user-created lenses that are worth checking out.

1. Mouth eyes lens

Mouth in Eyes Lens from r/SnapLenses

Welcome to your nightmares. Use this lens to turn the eyes of anyone in the frame into mouths. The mouth-eyes move as the person moves their real mouth. You’ll never sleep again after using this spooky lens.

2. Create your own thought bubble and fill it

Want to show that your dog is dreaming of chasing cats? Maybe you took a photo of someone sleeping and want to show that they’re dreaming of you! It’s possible with this creative, cute, and funny Snap lens.

3. Security cam

security cam lens

This lens makes it look like the photo subject has been captured on a security cam. It blocks out their eyes and even adds a time and date stamp to the snapshot. Turn your friends into criminals with the press of a button!

4. Burger face

burger face lens

Do you love hamburgers and horrific images? This is the lens for you! Simple yet hilarious, this lens was created by a user with a passion for buns and beef. It puts a burger on your face whenever you use it.

5. X-ray face

X-ray from r/SnapLenses

Need to film a thrash metal video? This lens will come in handy. Show your friends what’s hiding beneath your skin in the form of a creepy face X-ray. Super fun!

These are just a few of the many user-created lenses for the wonderful world of Snapchat. Have fun with these, and if you need more lenses, here’s how to find some of the best.

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