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Complete guide to fast charging

Mike Braun


Experts say that in the last 100 years we have had more technological advances than in the whole history of humanity. However, that entire history has led up to this moment: fast charging.


What is fast charging

The “what” always comes first. To put it simply, fast charging is a new technology that current mobile phones have to charge your battery quickly.

The manufacturers of smartphones realized that as you add more active apps on your phone, it’s going to run out of battery more quickly.

If they knew how to drain a battery quickly, they should figure out how to charge one quickly as well!

According to the studies carried out, the fast charger is capable of charging up to 30% of the smartphone in just 5 minutes. The times may vary, but it will always be faster than the usual method.

Everything you need to know about fast charging

How does it work?

Fast charging uses basic principles of physics and chemistry to fulfill its purpose.

Fast charging uses more voltage and amperage, – thanks to precisely better battery technology – to streamline the process. To give an example, it is as if you were filling a pool with a fire hose instead of a conventional one.

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Are all models fast charging?

Now comes one of those key questions: do all devices on the market have a fast charge? The answer is “no.” In general, the models launched during 2017 or earlier do not include this technology, but those that have been sold during 2018 do.

Does it affect the battery?

There is some concern for whether or not fast charging will deteriorate your battery. However, this does not happen. The hardware adapts to the requirements requested thanks to the software it uses. It’s that simple

Wrapping up

Normally, fast charging is not linear, but only affects a percentage between 1 and 80%. The idea is that the user can have the phone out of low power as soon as possible. Hopefully, this article was insightful for you in your ever-growing fight against your phone’s battery.

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