The best first-person shooter games on browser

The best first-person shooter games on browser
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We live in the golden age of gaming. Whether you consider the next-gen consoles coming out or the incredible wealth of gaming PCs and AAA titles to go with them, the fact that we are in the optimal time to engross ourselves in virtual universes is undeniable. However, the latest consoles and PCs are not within everyone’s budget. That’s where first-person shooter games on browser come in.

Shooting browser games PLAY NOW!

Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of our favorite shooting browser games that you can play for free right now. All you need to do is head to the link under each list entry, and you’ll be able to play directly on our website. If you enjoy the games we host, why not leave a star and show other people how much you like them? 

Space Alien Invaders

Space Alien Invaders is a free browser-based game created by MarketJS. Players like you have given it a 3.7 rating out of five total stars, so it ranks up there with the best of the browser-based experiences. If you remember Space Invaders, you’ll be familiar with the mechanics that this game employs. All you need to do is fire ordnance at the approaching enemies that seek to destroy your ship.

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Your ship is incredibly flimsy and cannot handle the slightest hit, although this makes the game a little more true to the real-life conditions of outer space. Even though this isn’t technically an FPS, it is a shooter, and that’s what you’re here for; to shoot. All in all, Space Alien Invaders is a fun way to pass the time while messing around on your browser of choice. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Duck Hunter shooting browser game

This isn’t technically an FPS either, but Duck Hunter is still a really entertaining shooting game. This is pretty much exactly what you’d expect it to be. The game is a 2-dimensional experience that sets you in front of a bushy scene with trees, shrubs, and a blue sky. Your objective is to shoot at ducks flying in the sky, which, when hit, will fall down to the ground.

Duck Hunter PLAY NOW!

One fun quirk is that when ducks fall from the sky, your lovable pet beagle will head into the frame and retrieve them for you. Ducks won’t just fly in an endless stream across one line of your screen, though. You’ll also see ducks flying upward. Most of the ducks are white, but you’ll see a few tan, blue, and black varieties as well. This game was also created by MarketJS and has 2 stars on our website. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Classical Deer Sniper Hunting 2019

According to other players like you, this is one of the best browser games hosted on our website, having been awarded a 5-star perfect rating. This rating might be due to the semi-realistic graphics or the deer kill animations. Either way, Classical Deer Sniper Hunting 2019 is one of the most thrilling FPS games on our website. Developed by TechionicsInc, the game features a range of different animals to shoot, although your primary target is deer.

lassical Deer Sniper Hunting 2019 PLAY NOW!

As soon as you fire a shot, the camera will follow the bullet, giving you a front-row seat to your kill This way, you’re able to see exactly where the bullet lands, plus some unexpectedly graphic displays of viscera and blood. If you’re into hunting, you’ll likely enjoy this browser game. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Battle Area

This might not be the best in the genre, having been awarded only two stars, but it isn’t a bad shooter. Essentially, Battle Area drops you into a Martian mineral mine where you need to eliminate enemies that have conquered the mine. This game has a rather deep backstory for such a simple experience with such a straightforward objective.

Battle Area PLAY NOW!

If you like shooters, you may enjoy this game, but don’t raise your hopes too high before playing. Even though you’re meant to play as an elite soldier, your aim or movement won’t be fast enough to reflect that. Luckily, you can take quite a beating with bullets and won’t die from being shot under 5 times. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Army Combat

You and the developer might disagree on what constitutes ‘good graphics,’ but even so, Army Combat is a relatively fun game to kill time with – and your enemies. This game is fairly slow-paced for what strives to essentially be a battleground simulator. Your character walks everywhere, and the game lags a little if you try to turn too quickly.

Army Combat PLAY NOW!

Army Combat teams you up with various bots, and your objective is to eliminate as many enemy units before you get killed yourself. Dying constitutes the end of the match and thereafter, you’ll be able to see how many kills you’ve managed to get. This game has 3 stars on our website. If you like it, why not leave a star of your own?

best first person shooter games on browser

Duck Carnival Shoot

This is the third entry by MarketJS. As is the trend with this developer’s games, Duck Carnival Shoot isn’t a straight-laced FPS. However, it lets you shoot stuff, so you will most likely enjoy it nonetheless. This is a slightly more intricate entry than the developer’s previous attempts in that it contains minigames.

Duck Carnival Shoot PLAY NOW!

Therefore, if you get bored of shooting ducks at a carnival, you can switch to gunning down a mafia boss, hunting the police, and taking down all ducks wearing business suits. You can also earn coins in this game which you can then use to increase your accuracy. This is most definitely MarketJS’s most surprising duck shooting entry. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Stickman Team Force

Stickman Team Force is a shooter with the feel of a classic arcade game like Metal Slug. The game takes place in the sweltering heat of the Egyptian desert where your character will have to take aim at zombies and hybrid creatures that resemble the Egyptian god Horus. The game comes pre-packed with characters that you can cycle through which makes things slightly more interesting.

Stickman Team Force PLAY NOW!

If you enjoy classic arcade shooters, this is definitely the game for you. After each level ends, you’ll be able to see how well you did and how many coins you were awarded for your efforts. You can spend these coins in the character shop, where you can increase various player stats. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Zombie Shooter 3D

This entry by GoGoMan takes us right back into the realm of authentic FPS games. In this game, you are the lone soldier in charge of protecting the world from a recent zombie outbreak. If you have an aversion to relatively violent games, Zombie Shooter 3D might not be for you. But, given that you are reading an article about shooter games, this is likely not the case.

Zombie Shooter 3D PLAY NOW!

The zombies sort of look like 2-dimensional images walking toward you, but once they get close enough, they start to look a little more realistic. Even if you have a phobia of zombies, this game isn’t likely to affect you, and it’s quite fun to watch them being torn apart by bullets. You have a selection of weapons to choose from, so you’re not just stuck with the firearm in the screenshot. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Crazy PUBG Pixel

This is exactly like playing PUBG, except for almost every single detail. Crazy PUBG Pixel looks like a Roblox experience inspired by PUBG. However, in Roblox, you’d be able to play against other players. In this game, as with most other browser games, you play against bots. You’ll have to jump out of a plane and parachute down into the danger zone. Except that there is hardly any danger. If you love easy games, then you’ll be obsessed with this one.


Most of the NPCs in this game don’t carry firearms, which makes shooting them feel like a real achievement. However, if one or two pesky NPCs do have guns aimed at you, you can bet that you’ll likely land shots before they do. On the rare occasion, you might run into an NPC that just shoots directly at you without having to reload; this can be a little bit of an inconvenience. 

best first person shooter games on browser

Moon Clash Heroes

Moon Clash Heroes is a free browser game developed by Freeway Interactive. As suggested by the rather descriptive name, this game takes place on the moon. You are a Rookie with designs on joining the special lunar forces, but once there, you’ll have to contend with many an enemy.

Moon Clash Heroes PLAY NOW!

The game has numerous characters that you can morph into; all of these have their own unique strengths and weaknesses. Moon Clash Heroes is another one of the most compelling examples of how good browser games can be, and this is why it deserves the 5-star rating that players like you have given it.

best first person shooter games on browser

Browsers aren’t just for research anymore

Browsers started as a way to navigate the world wide web. But over time, they became a source of more varied forms of entertainment, such as social media, gathering information, and gaming. Even though we’ve entered the golden age of next-gen consoles, powerful PCs, and incredibly capable mobile gaming devices, the fun browser games you can enjoy with friends remain good sources of relaxation and enjoyment.

Browser games are excellent if you only have a short while to kill between work deadlines or if you want to be able to play games for free. However, more compelling gaming platforms have gained popularity of late, such as Roblox. If you enjoy browser gaming but wish you could play with other people, Roblox is an excellent platform to keep in mind.

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